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How to Improve Your Skills as a Football Striker!

how to be a good striker in soccer

As a football striker, there are several key elements that can help take your game to the next level. From developing the right attitude to purposeful practice and honing your touch, here are some tips to become a better football striker.

Show your presence on the field

Presence is crucial for any striker. It’s not about unwarranted aggression, but rather about asserting yourself and making your mark on the game. While aggression should be controlled, it’s important to let your opponents know that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Remember, presence and aggression are different, and finding the right balance is essential.

Embrace a bit of arrogance

Believing in yourself is fundamental for a striker. Develop confidence and maintain a positive mindset. Arrogance should serve as an internal motivator, pushing you to score goals and make a difference on the field. However, it’s crucial to keep it in check and ensure it doesn’t become a negative trait.

Cultivate sportsmanship

Having a sportsmanlike attitude is vital for any player, and it’s no different for strikers. Play fair but solid, and show respect towards your opponents. It’s important to control excessive aggression and channel your energy into delivering your best performance.

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Improving your attitude as a striker

Mental toughness and self-talk play a significant role in a striker’s mindset. Control your self-talk and ensure it remains positive or at least neutral. Avoid destructive or critical thoughts and focus on phrases like “I will get it next time.” Visualization is another powerful tool to prepare for peak performance.

Purposeful practice

While practice is essential for improvement, it’s not just about the quantity of hours spent on the field. Purposeful and deliberate practice is the key to success. Take inspiration from players like Tim Cahill, who showed determination and focus in his training. Set goals, work on specific skills, and gradually increase the speed and intensity of your practice sessions. Mental toughness is built through purposeful practice, so be patient and positive with yourself.

The importance of touch

The ability to control the ball with precision is crucial for a striker. A good touch can make all the difference in tight situations. Develop your touch by practicing with different parts of your body. Whether it’s using different angles with your feet, employing your shoulders or even your back, creativity in touch can help you outsmart defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Developing football touch

Regular practice is key to developing a great touch. Set aside dedicated sessions focused on touch, at least twice a week. Work with a friend or a parent who can feed you the ball, or use a brick wall as a practice partner. Alternate between feet and use different parts of your body – inside and outside of the foot, laces, thighs, chest, shoulders, and head. Movement off the ball is essential to simulate real game scenarios.

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Q: How can I improve my goal-scoring ability?
A: Improving your goal-scoring ability requires a combination of technical skills, practice, and game intelligence. Focus on finishing techniques, positioning, and developing a good understanding of the game to anticipate scoring opportunities.

Q: How can I overcome a goal-scoring drought?
A: Goal-scoring droughts are part of the game. Stay positive, continue working hard in training, and analyze your performances to identify areas for improvement. Stay patient, and the goals will come.

Q: How can I handle pressure in front of the goal?
A: Handling pressure in front of the goal is all about composure and confidence. Practice different scenarios and develop mental strategies to stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations.


Becoming a better football striker requires a combination of attitude, purposeful practice, and developing your touch. Embrace the challenges, believe in yourself, and dedicate yourself to improving your skills. With the right mindset and consistent effort, you can reach new heights as a striker.