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France’s Immortal Squad: The Legends of Football

France, a country known for its rich footballing history, boasts an all-time greatest squad that is the envy of the world. From legendary goalkeepers to iconic forwards, this team embodies the spirit of French football. Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing world of France’s footballing legends.

The Dominance of French Football

best french defenders of all time
Football is deeply woven into the fabric of French society. The French national team has achieved remarkable success, winning the World Cup, the European Championship, the Confederations Cup, and Olympic Gold. Although French clubs have not replicated this level of success internationally, their contributions to the sport cannot be understated. It was in 1993 when Marseille became the only French club to win the prestigious European Cup, placing them on par with clubs from Scotland and Romania.

The Tale of French National Team

Zidane World Cup 1998
The French national team has experienced both highs and lows in its history. In 1986, they secured a third-place finish at the World Cup, but failed to qualify for the tournament in 1990 and 1994. However, their fortunes took a dramatic turn in 1998 when they won the World Cup, defeating Brazil 3-0 in the final. The team faced disappointment once again in 2002, finishing last in their group after losses to Senegal and Denmark. The French national team, despite their occasional inconsistency, has been graced with some truly world-class players.

France’s All-Time Greatest Squad

French legends Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry
Let’s take a closer look at France’s definitive 15-man squad, accompanied by 8 reserve players from which 3 will be chosen to finalize the 18-man squad for the team.

Julien Darui

Julien Darui, regarded as France’s goalkeeper of the century, is likely to be the number one choice for France at the International Legends World Cup. He represented Club Olympique de Roubaix Tourcoing and earned 25 caps for Les Bleus between 1939 and 1951.

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Fabien Barthez

Fabien Barthez, a former Marseille, Monaco, and Manchester United goalkeeper, won 87 caps for France. He played a vital role in their triumphs at the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Championship, earning the title of the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper in 2000.

Lilian Thuram

Lilian Thuram, a dominant right-back or center-back, stands out as the exceptional defender in the French squad. With 142 caps, Thuram holds the record for the most appearances for the French national team. He played for renowned clubs like Juventus and Barcelona, winning the World Cup with France in 1998.

Marcel Desailly

Nicknamed ‘the Rock,’ Marcel Desailly showcased incredible consistency and versatility as a defender. He also excelled as a defensive midfielder and won four international titles with France, earning 116 caps in total. Desailly represented Marseille, AC Milan, and Chelsea in his illustrious club career.

Laurent Blanc

Known as ‘Le President,’ Laurent Blanc earned 97 caps for France and was a key figure in the nation’s greatest triumphs. After his successful playing career, he went on to manage the French national team for two years. Blanc’s contributions extended to his roles at Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Manchester United.

Bixente Lizarazu

Bixente Lizarazu, a solid left-back with exceptional game reading skills, won 97 caps for France. Most notably, he played for Bordeaux and Bayern Munich, achieving numerous victories at both club and international level. Lizarazu’s inclusion in the squad is an acknowledgment of his remarkable career.

Manuel Amoros

Manuel Amoros - France
Manuel Amoros, a versatile player capable of playing at right or left-back, adds depth to France’s defensive options. With 82 caps for France, he was the French Player of the Year in 1986 and is highly regarded as a legend at both Monaco and Marseille.

Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira, an Arsenal legend, makes the cut as one of France’s exceptional midfielders. With his physical prowess and leadership skills, Vieira won 107 caps for France and captained Arsenal during their historic ‘Invincible’ season. His inclusion in the squad is a testament to his indomitable presence.

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Jean Tigana

France has produced remarkable midfielders throughout its footballing history, but few can match the brilliance of Jean Tigana. With his stamina, technique, and vision, Tigana won 52 caps for France, playing a crucial role in their victory at the European Championships and the team’s two World Cup semi-finals.

Michel Platini

Michel Platini - France in action
Michel Platini, the embodiment of French football greatness, is undoubtedly one of the greatest French players of all time. Despite recent controversies, his talent with a ball at his feet remains undeniable. With 72 caps and 41 goals for France, Platini dominated international tournaments and played for Nancy, Saint-Etienne, and Juventus.

Zinedine Zidane

If there’s one player who can challenge Platini for the title of France’s greatest of all time, it is Zinedine Zidane. With his graceful style and incredible skill, Zidane mesmerized opponents. He won 108 caps for France, showcasing his dominance on the biggest stages of football. Zidane played for renowned clubs such as Juventus and Real Madrid.

Raymond Kopa

Raymond Kopa, a key figure in Real Madrid’s European Cup triumphs, won the prestigious trophy in all three seasons he spent with the club. An attacking midfielder known for his speed and trickery, Kopa won the Ballon d’Or in 1958 and represented France 45 times.

Thierry Henry

France and Arsenal heroes Robert Pires and Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry, France’s all-time leading goal scorer, leads the forward line. His blistering pace, exceptional technique, and clinical finishing made him an icon in the Premier League, where he scored 226 goals for Arsenal. With 51 goals in 123 appearances for France, Henry’s influence cannot be overstated.

Just Fontaine

While Thierry Henry holds the record for most goals scored for France, Just Fontaine’s World Cup performances are unrivaled. In the 1958 World Cup, Fontaine scored an extraordinary 13 goals, a feat that remains unparalleled. With 30 goals in just 21 appearances for France, Fontaine’s goal-scoring prowess was equally impressive at the club level.

Jean-Pierre Papin

Jean-Pierre Papin, a Ballon d’Or winner, completes the squad. Known for his prolific goal-scoring ability, Papin scored 303 goals in 542 games throughout his career. With 30 goals from 54 caps for France, Papin’s contributions to his national team cannot be overlooked.

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Manchester United great Eric Cantona is among the reserves for France
For the final three spots in France’s 18-man squad, we turn to the reserves. The following players are in contention:

  1. Hugo Lloris – Former Lyon and current Tottenham goalkeeper – 87 caps*
  2. Marius Tresor – Former Marseille and Bordeaux center-back – 65 caps
  3. Patrick Battiston – Former Metz and Bordeaux full-back – 56 caps
  4. Claude Makelele – Former Real Madrid, Chelsea, and PSG midfielder – 71 caps
  5. Alain Giresse – Former Bordeaux and Marseille midfielder – 47 caps
  6. Didier Deschamps – Former Marseille and Juventus midfielder – 103 caps
  7. Robert Pires – Former Arsenal and Villarreal winger – 79 caps
  8. Eric Cantona – Former Auxerre and Manchester United forward – 45 caps

The final decision rests with you. Choose wisely and shape the destiny of France’s greatest ever squad.


Q: Which French player has scored the most goals for the national team?
A: Thierry Henry holds the record for the most goals scored, with 51 goals from 123 appearances.

Q: Who is considered the greatest French footballer of all time?
A: Michel Platini is widely regarded as the greatest French footballer of all time due to his exceptional skill and influence on the game.

Q: Who won the most international titles with France?
A: Lilian Thuram and Marcel Desailly both won four international titles with France, including the 1998 World Cup.

Q: Who is the current coach of the French national team?
A: Didier Deschamps is the current coach of the French national team, having led them to victory in the 2018 World Cup.


France’s all-time greatest squad is a testament to the country’s footballing legacy. From formidable defenders to creative midfielders and goal-scoring maestros, this squad epitomizes the talent and passion that France has contributed to the beautiful game. As the final three reserves are chosen, France’s immortal squad will be complete, ready to etch their names in footballing history once more.

Note: The number of caps mentioned is accurate at the time of the original article’s writing.