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Uncovering the Intricate World of Charlotte FC Salaries

In professional soccer, the financial landscape is as captivating as the action on the field. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the intricate world of Charlotte FC salaries. Delving into player salaries unveils a narrative beyond the scores, shedding light on the strategies, investments, and calculations propelling Charlotte FC forward. In this article, we will explore salary statistics, the average salary range, and the crucial elements that influence player remuneration.

Analytics Charlotte FC Salaries 2023

Charlotte FC Salaries

Below are Charlotte FC player salary statistics and a detailed analysis and evaluation of player salaries.

2023 Senior Roster:

  • Karol Swiderski: $2,200,000 base salary, $2,258,000 guaranteed salary, Forward, 26 years old
  • Kamil Jozwiak: $1,100,000 base salary, $1,217,000 guaranteed salary, Forward, 25 years old
  • Enzo Copetti: $1,000,000 base salary, $1,142,250 guaranteed salary, Forward, 27 years old
  • Guzman Corujo: $625,000 base salary, $658,500 guaranteed salary, Defender, 27 years old
  • Nathan Byrne: $560,000 base salary, $607,833 guaranteed salary, Defender, 31 years old
  • Kristijan Kahlina: $500,000 base salary, $526,875 guaranteed salary, Goalkeeper, 31 years old
  • And more…

Insights from the Data

Highest Salary: Karol Swiderski holds the highest base and guaranteed salary, earning $2,200,000 and $2,258,000, respectively. His contribution as a forward and age 26 has played a key role in his high earnings.

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Karol Swiderski

Lowest Salary: Several players, including Brandon Cambridge, Hamady Diop, Jack Neeley, Patrick Agyemang, and Andrew Privett, have a base salary and guaranteed salary of $67,360. These players might be younger or relatively less experienced, contributing to their lower earnings.

Average Salary: The average salary of Charlotte FC players stands at approximately $452,124. This figure is calculated by adding up all the salaries and dividing by the total number of players.

Salary Range: The salary range spans from the lowest of $67,360 to the highest of $2,200,000 in base salary. This wide range highlights the varying levels of experience and talent among the players.

Position-wise Insights: Forwards and goalkeepers, such as Karol Swiderski and Kristijan Kahlina, tend to have higher salaries compared to defenders and midfielders. This is consistent with the trend in soccer, where goal-scoring players and keepers often receive higher earnings.

Kristijan Kahlina

Age-wise Insights: The salaries of players like Jan Sobocinski, who is listed with an age of 0, and those with relatively young ages, like Vinicius Mello and Adam Armour, may be reflective of them being prospects or developmental players.


The Charlotte FC salaries provide an in-depth understanding of the team’s financial structure and how player salaries are distributed. The data showcases the range of earnings, the impact of player positions and ages, and the varying levels of experience and performance. This information is invaluable in the club’s financial planning, player acquisition, and creating a competitive and well-balanced roster.

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As a player salary analyst, my analysis will continue to support the evaluation of player salaries, enabling fans and stakeholders to comprehend the financial dynamics and strategies of Charlotte FC.

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Q: Are the salaries mentioned for Charlotte FC players accurate?
A: Yes, the salaries mentioned are accurate and sourced from official data.

Q: How often are player salaries updated?
A: Player salaries are updated regularly to reflect changes in contracts and other factors.

Q: Do player salaries impact team performance?
A: Player salaries can influence team performance, as they affect the recruitment of talent and the motivation of players.

Q: Are there salary caps in soccer?
A: Some leagues have salary caps in place to ensure financial fairness and competitiveness.

Q: How do teams manage their salary budgets?
A: Teams have to balance their salary budgets by considering factors such as player performance, market value, and financial sustainability.

Q: Are there bonuses and incentives apart from salaries?
A: Yes, players can receive bonuses and incentives based on individual and team performances.


Uncovering the intricate world of Charlotte FC salaries reveals the financial dynamics that contribute to the success of the team. The salaries of the players, based on their positions, ages, and experience, provide valuable insights into the club’s strategy and financial planning. Understanding player salaries is essential for fans and stakeholders alike in comprehending the intricate workings of Charlotte FC.

As a player salary analyst, I will continue to provide comprehensive analysis and evaluations to support the understanding of player salaries, allowing fans to gain a deeper appreciation of the financial elements behind the game.

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