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The NBA’s New Dress Code: Embracing a Casual Look

The NBA has always been known for its style, both on and off the court. From flashy sneakers to tailored suits, the league’s fashion game is always on point. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend among NBA coaches towards a more casual look. This change in dress code has been met with both support and resistance, but it seems that Team Casual is gaining momentum.

The Evolution of NBA Coaches’ Style

When Erik Spoelstra, current head coach of the Miami Heat, was promoted to an assistant coaching position, he found himself in need of suits. Luckily, his boss, Pat Riley, lent him some of his own stylish Armani suits. However, as time went on, Spoelstra realized that he preferred a more casual look. He found that wearing polo shirts, slacks, and sneakers allowed him more freedom and mobility. Spoelstra’s preference for a casual dress code is shared by many other head coaches in the league.

Embracing the Polo Look

The National Basketball Coaches Association (NBCA) conducted a poll among its members, which revealed overwhelming support for a more casual dress code. The league office approved the change, and coaches in the NBA’s restart at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, were allowed to wear polo shirts instead of suits. This shift to a more casual style has been met with enthusiasm by coaches who appreciate the simplicity and comfort it offers.

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The Battle Between Team Casual and Team Suit

Not all coaches are on board with the casual look, however. Some still believe that suits maintain a professional image and pay homage to the legacy of fashion-forward coaches like Chuck Daly and Pat Riley. There is also concern about losing the ability to express personal style and individuality through fashion choices. Nevertheless, the majority of coaches who have embraced the polo look have expressed their support for carrying it over to the normal NBA environment.

The Future of NBA Coach Fashion

The debate between Team Casual and Team Suit is far from settled. While the casual dress code has gained traction in the NBA bubble, it remains to be seen whether it will become a permanent fixture in the league. The coaches’ association has proposed the idea of uniformity among coaching staff, similar to European leagues, where everyone wears the same suit and tie. This system could provide a professional and streamlined look but sacrifices individuality.


Q: Will the casual dress code become the new norm for NBA coaches?

A: While the casual look has gained popularity in the NBA bubble, its future in the normal NBA environment is still uncertain. The coaches’ association will continue to gather feedback and explore options for a more unified dress code.

Q: Are female coaches also subject to the dress code?

A: Yes, the NBA introduced a brief dress code for female coaches, which states that they must wear business attire. Athletic shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and work boots are prohibited.

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Q: What is the rationale behind the push for a more casual dress code?

A: Coaches who support the casual look argue that it simplifies decision-making and packing, offers more comfort and mobility, and aligns with the less formal environment of the NBA bubble.


Fashion has always been an integral part of the NBA, and this includes the style choices of its coaches. The ongoing debate between a more casual dress code and the traditional suit has sparked conversations about professionalism, comfort, and personal style. As the NBA continues to evolve, so too may the fashion choices of its coaches. The future of NBA coach fashion remains an open question, but for now, the polo shirt has made its mark on the basketball sidelines.

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