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Austin FC Player Salaries: Unveiling the Payroll Turnover and Top Earners

If you’re a die-hard Austin FC fan, you’ll be intrigued to know the ins and outs of the team’s payroll. Thanks to the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA), we have access to the 2023 player salaries of Austin FC. Let’s dive into the details!

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The Payroll Breakdown

The provided payroll data includes the base salary and guaranteed compensation of Austin FC players. However, it does not account for performance bonuses or club transfer fees. As of September 15, 2023, here’s what we found:

  • Salaries range from $6 million for Sebastian Driussi to $67,360 for Damian Las.
  • Goalkeeper Brad Stuver received a well-deserved raise for his stellar performance in 2022. His guaranteed compensation increased from $185,000 to $430,813 in 2023.
  • Playmaker Dani Pereira seems to be one of the best contract deals for Austin FC with a total wage bill of $118,414.

Payroll Turnover in the 2022/23 Offseason

During the offseason, Austin FC experienced significant roster turnover. The following players were added to the payroll for 2023:

  • Gyasi Zardes — $800,000
  • Aleksandar Radovanovic — $692,500
  • Leo Väisänen — $654,500
  • Adam Lundqvist — $397,000
  • Amro Tarek — $249,996
  • Will Bruin — $200,000
  • Matt Bersano — $132,500
  • Alfonso Ocampo-Chávez — $83,360
  • Sofiana Djeffal — $75,325
  • CJ Fodrey — $69,360
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The total incoming wages for these new additions amount to $3,354,541. On the other hand, Austin FC decided to decline, release, or loan the following players for 2023:

  • Ruben Gabrielsen — $950,000
  • Danny Hoesen — $716,667
  • Moussa Djitté — $600,000
  • Tomas Pochettino — $585,000
  • Jhohan Romaña — $460,000
  • Washington Corozo — $327,500
  • Andrew Tarbell — $308,333
  • Felipe Martins — $84,000
  • Jared Stroud — $84,000
  • Freddy Kleeman — $66,724
  • Will Pulisic — $66,724

The total outgoing wages for these players sum up to $4,248,948.

Top Earners and Salary Rankings

Several OG Austin FC players received new contracts in 2023, including Diego Fagundez (now traded to Galaxy), Julio Cascante, Brad Stuver, and the notable Sebastian Driussi. Speaking of Driussi, he currently ranks as the 6th highest-paid MLS player. Let’s take a look at the top 5:

  1. Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) – $20.4M
  2. Lorenzo Insigne (Toronto FC) – $15.4M
  3. Xherdan Shaqiri (Chicago Fire) – $8.2M
  4. Chicharito Hernández (LA Galaxy) – $7.4M
  5. Federico Bernardeschi (Toronto FC) – $6.3M
  6. Sebastian Driussi (Austin FC) – $6.0M

Austin FC’s Position in MLS Spending

Austin FC takes the 6th spot when it comes to total MLS roster spending in 2023. With a total of $19.17 million, they have made a significant leap from their 13th position in 2022. The top-spending teams in MLS are Miami, Toronto, and Galaxy, ranking 1-2-3, respectively.

This increase in spending is largely due to Austin FC’s commitment to keeping Driussi at the club. His contract was renegotiated, resulting in a $3.7 million increase in his paycheck. It’s clear that Austin FC is investing in their top talents.

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Q: Where can I find more information about Austin FC player salaries?
A: For detailed information about Austin FC player salaries, you can visit the official MLSPA website or check out the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

Q: Who is the highest-paid player in MLS?
A: Lionel Messi, playing for Inter Miami, currently holds the title for the highest-paid MLS player.

Q: How does Austin FC’s spending compare to other MLS teams?
A: In 2023, Austin FC ranks 6th in terms of total spending. They have significantly increased their budget compared to the previous year.


Austin FC is making waves in the MLS with their payroll investments and player retention. As the 6th highest-spending team, they are committed to bolstering their roster and keeping top talents like Sebastian Driussi. Stay tuned for more updates on Austin FC and their journey towards success.

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