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Top Clubs with the Most Serie A Titles in History

most serie a titles

Italian football has a rich history, with numerous clubs having achieved success in Serie A. As football enthusiasts, we are always intrigued by the achievements of these legendary teams. In this article, we will explore the top 10 clubs with the most Serie A titles in history.

Juventus remains the most dominant side in Serie A

Italy is known for its passion for football, and Italian clubs have consistently been successful in European competitions. One club that stands out among the rest is Juventus. With an astounding 36 Serie A titles, Juventus has firmly established itself as the most dominant side in Italian football.

Serie A most titles Juventus
Juventus last won the crown in 2019-20

The Journey of Success

Italian football as a whole has enjoyed immense success on the global stage. The country has produced many legends, and its league is considered to be one of the best in the world. Italian clubs have won a total of 27 major European trophies, making Italy the most successful European nation in football.

Let’s delve into the clubs that have left their mark on Serie A history.

10. Lazio – 2 titles

Lazio, known as the underdogs of the Italian league, has clinched two Serie A titles. They have been runners-up in Serie A on six occasions. Lazio’s success extends beyond the league, with seven Italian Cups and five Italian Super Cups to their name.

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9. AS Roma – 3 titles

AS Roma has secured three Serie A titles in their history. Although they have finished as runners-up a remarkable 14 times, Roma’s success cannot be understated. The club has also achieved nine Coppa Italia titles and two Supercoppa Italiana titles.

8. Napoli – 3 titles

Napoli, led by the legendary Diego Maradona, broke a 33-year drought by winning the Scudetto in the 2022-23 season. Alongside three Serie A titles, Napoli has claimed two Italian Super Cups, one UEFA Champions League, and one International Football Cup.

7. Vercelli – 7 titles

Vercelli had its golden era before 1922, winning all seven Serie A titles between 1908 and 1913. However, they have not been able to make a return to Serie A since then. Vercelli has also won one Serie B title and four Serie D titles.

6. Bologna – 7 titles

Bologna, another successful Serie A club, has secured seven titles so far. Although their glory days were in the 1930s when they won two consecutive titles, Bologna has faced relegation to Serie B and Serie C in recent years.

5. Torino – 7 titles

Torino shares the fifth position with Bologna and Vercelli, having also won seven Serie A titles. Torino’s most successful period was from 1945 to 1949 when they claimed four consecutive titles. They have also been runners-up eight times.

4. Genoa – 9 titles

Genoa stands out as the last club on this list with fewer than 10 Serie A titles. They narrowly missed out on a record of seven consecutive league title wins in 1901. Genoa has also participated in Serie B and Serie D and achieved success at those levels.

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3. Inter Milan – 19 titles

Inter Milan, one of Italy’s most iconic clubs, has won 19 Serie A titles. Their most recent triumph in the 2020-21 season ended Juventus’s nine-year reign. Inter has achieved success not only domestically but also in European competitions, winning the UEFA Champions League three times.

2. AC Milan – 19 titles

AC Milan shares the same number of titles with Inter Milan. They won their latest Serie A title in the 2021-22 season, immediately following Inter’s triumph. AC Milan has a strong presence in Italian football history, with a record number of UEFA Super Cup wins alongside Barcelona.


Italian football is an amalgamation of triumphs, rivalries, and legendary clubs. The rich history of Serie A is a testament to the passion and talent that Italy brings to the world of football. Juventus, with its remarkable 36 titles, is undoubtedly the most successful club in Serie A. However, the contributions of other notable clubs cannot be overlooked.

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Q: Which club has won the most Serie A titles?
A: Juventus, with 36 titles, is the most successful club in Serie A history.

Q: Who is the biggest rival of Juventus in Serie A?
A: Inter Milan is one of Juventus’s biggest rivals in Serie A, with a fierce rivalry dating back decades.

Q: How many titles has AC Milan won?
A: AC Milan has also won 19 Serie A titles, the same as Inter Milan.

Q: Which club has the most Serie A titles apart from Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan?
A: The club with the next highest number of Serie A titles is Genoa, with nine titles to their name.

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Q: Has Napoli ever won the Serie A title?
A: Yes, Napoli has won the Serie A title three times. Their most recent triumph came in the 2022-23 season after a 33-year wait.