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Timber Joey: The Chainsaw-Wielding Mascot of Portland Timbers

timber joey

There are plenty of eccentric mascots in American sports, but none quite like Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers. This chainsaw-wielding character has become a cult hero in and around Portland, capturing the hearts of football fans with his unique and memorable traditions. Let’s dive into the world of Timber Joey and discover what makes him such an iconic figure in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The Origins of Timber Joey

The story of Timber Joey dates back to the late ’70s when a man named Jim Serill, also known as Timber Jim, introduced a chainsaw to Portland Timbers’ games. Initially met with resistance from the front office, he was eventually allowed to bring his chainsaw to the stadium. As the team was owned by a timber company at the time, Jim would cut slices off a large beam every time the Timbers scored. In 2008, Timber Jim retired, and his legacy was passed on to Joey Webber, who took up the mantle of Timber Joey.

The Matchday Ritual

Before the game kicks off, Timber Joey and a group of young fans known as “junior Joeys” parade scarves out to a log situated in the stadium. This log represents the team’s goal, and whenever the Timbers score, Timber Joey celebrates by using his chainsaw to cut a section of wood from the 12ft log. The piece is then passed around the stadium for fans to touch before it is presented to the goalscorer at the end of the match. This unique tradition has become a beloved ritual among Portland Timbers supporters.

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A Iconic Figure in Portland

Timber Joey’s role extends beyond game day entertainment. He uses his unmasked character to connect with fans on a personal level, interacting with them, and even participating in community activities. From teaching kids to read to promoting dental hygiene and overall health, Timber Joey is more than just a mascot. He embodies the spirit and values of the Portland Timbers both on and off the field.

The Lumberjack Legacy

As a mascot, Timber Joey embraces the lumberjack persona, which pays homage to Portland’s history and culture. With the city’s strong ties to the timber industry, having a lumberjack as the team’s mascot is a fitting tribute. The tradition established by Timber Jim and carried on by Timber Joey is something that sets the Portland Timbers apart, creating a unique and lasting legacy.


Q: How did Timber Joey become a mascot for Portland Timbers?

A: Timber Joey took over the role from Timber Jim, who introduced a chainsaw to the games in the late ’70s.

Q: What is Timber Joey’s matchday routine?

A: Timber Joey arrives early to soak in the stadium atmosphere, parades scarves with young fans, and then proceeds to engage with supporters throughout the game.

Q: Are there any health and safety concerns as Timber Joey?

A: Timber Joey undergoes regular safety inspections and wears protective gear, including Kevlar-lined pants and earplugs.

Q: Will there always be a lumberjack as Portland Timbers’ mascot?

A: Timber Joey hopes so, as it is a unique tradition that allows for personal interaction with fans and community involvement.

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Q: How many logs has Timber Joey cut during his tenure?

A: Timber Joey has cut approximately 30 to 40 logs since becoming the Portland Timbers mascot.

Q: How did the tradition of scarves being placed on the log begin?

A: During Timber Joey’s first game, a fan gave him a Timber scarf, which he initially wore but later placed on the log due to the heat. This inspired fans to throw scarves onto the log, leading to over 200 scarves being added over the years.


With his trusty chainsaw in hand, Timber Joey has become an integral part of the Portland Timbers’ identity. From cutting logs to engaging with fans, he brings joy and enthusiasm to every game. As the Timbers battle it out in the MLS playoffs, Timber Joey’s presence reminds us of the rich history and unique traditions that make football so special. To learn more about the Portland Timbers and their iconic mascot, visit Pesstatsdatabase.