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10 Football Players Who Shine in the Number 6 Jersey

Football fans often focus on attacking players, but it’s time to give credit to the unsung heroes on the field – the defensive midfielders. These players form the vital screen in front of defenders, and they are usually assigned the number 6 jersey. In this article, we will explore some of the biggest stars in world football who don the number 6 jersey for their national teams and clubs.

famous number 6 football players

10. Eduardo Camavinga (France)

French youngster Eduardo Camavinga has had an incredible last 24 months. After moving from Stade Rennes to Real Madrid, he won the UEFA Champions League and La Liga in his first season. He will wear the number six shirt for France at the World Cup.

9. Stefan De Vrij (Inter Milan)

Stefan De Vrij, a full international for the Netherlands, has been a consistent presence in the national team since his debut at the age of 17. He has enjoyed success at the club level, winning the Serie A and Coppa Italia with Inter Milan.

8. Nacho (Real Madrid)

Nacho, a 32-year-old defender, has been with Real Madrid since 2011. He has won numerous titles, including five UEFA Champions League trophies and three La Liga titles. He will be representing Spain at the FIFA World Cup.

7. Danilo (Juventus)

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Danilo is known for his top-class defending skills and has played for some of the biggest teams in football, including Porto, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and now Juventus. He wears the number 6 shirt at Juventus and has won various domestic and international titles.

6. Gabriel Magalhães (Arsenal)

Gabriel Magalhães is one of the best young center-backs in the world and has been performing consistently for Arsenal. Despite missing out on the FIFA World Cup squad for Brazil, Gabriel is building his profile as a reliable defender.

5. Thiago Silva (Chelsea)

Thiago Silva, despite his age, has been a masterstroke signing for Chelsea. He is still regarded as one of the best center-backs in history and played a crucial role in Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League triumph. He wears the number 6 shirt at Chelsea and the number 3 for Brazil.

4. Koke (Atletico Madrid)

Koke, a product of Atletico Madrid’s youth academy, has been a mainstay in their midfield since his debut in 2009. He has won major titles with Atletico Madrid and is known for his versatility and skill on the field.

Thiago Alcântara

3. Thiago Alcântara (Liverpool)

Thiago Alcântara, a highly decorated player, has played for Barcelona and Bayern Munich, winning numerous titles, including the treble with Bayern in 2020. He now plays for Liverpool, showcasing his exceptional midfield skills.

2. Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain)

Marco Verratti, an Italian midfielder, has established himself as one of the best in the game. He has won multiple domestic titles with Paris Saint-Germain and played a crucial role in Italy’s Euro 2020 triumph. He wears the number 6 shirt for both club and country.

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1. Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

Joshua Kimmich is not only a versatile player who can excel as a right-back or midfielder but is also considered the best defensive midfielder in the world. Known for his excellent passing and defensive skills, he has won numerous titles with Bayern Munich and is a key player for the German national team.

These are just a few of the football stars who shine in the number 6 jersey. Each player brings their unique skills and contributions to the game, proving that defensive midfielders play an essential role on the field.


Q: What position does a player with the number 6 jersey play?
A: Players wearing the number 6 jersey often occupy the defensive midfield position, acting as a screen in front of the defenders.

Q: Who is the best defensive midfielder in the world?
A: Joshua Kimmich is widely regarded as the best defensive midfielder currently, known for his exceptional skills and versatility.

Q: Which player wears the number 6 jersey for both club and country?
A: Marco Verratti, the Italian midfielder, wears the number 6 jersey for both Paris Saint-Germain and the Italian national team.


The number 6 jersey is not just a number; it represents the unsung heroes of the game, the defensive midfielders. From Eduardo Camavinga to Joshua Kimmich, these players showcase their skills and make a significant impact on the field. So, the next time you see a player wearing the number 6 jersey, remember the crucial role they play in the team’s success.

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