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European Club Kit Ranking: Discover the Best Threads of the 2023-24 Season

Are you eagerly waiting to see your favorite football clubs’ new kits for the upcoming season? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of European football and explore the most stylish jerseys unveiled by the top clubs in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. Get ready to discover the best threads of the 2023-24 season!

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The Quest for the Most Stylish Club

After assessing and ranking the Premier League kits for this season, it’s only fair that we direct our attention to the elite clubs competing in European football. We have meticulously scrutinized the home, away, and third alternate jerseys of the biggest teams in LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Eredivisie.

RB Leipzig: An Explosion of Creativity

Let’s begin with RB Leipzig, a club known for its audacious kit concepts. Their white home jersey stands out with a vibrant arch of red zigzags spanning over the shoulders. The away shirt, however, takes boldness to another level with a mind-boggling design of blue and red quadrants, creating a nauseating wave effect. As for their third kit, it showcases a pleasant light blue color with a tonal pattern of polygons covering the lower torso.

Lens: Paying Homage to Tradition

Lens presents a retro-styled yellow home shirt with thin red striping along the flanks and tricolor cuffs. The message “Pour l’amour du maillot” (“For the love of the jersey”) is a heartfelt tribute to their loyal fan base. Their away kit features an uncomplicated black jersey with alternating red and yellow pinstripes, accompanied by the message “Dans le malheur ou la gloire” (“In adversity or glory”). Finally, their third white shirt proudly bears the words “Nous on est là” (“We are here”), completing a popular chant sung by home fans at Stade Bollaert-Delelis.

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Feyenoord: A Classic Palette with a Stylish Twist

Feyenoord preserves their traditional identity with a half-red and half-white home kit. Small differences like an overlapping V-neck collar set it apart from last year’s edition. The away kit maintains the blue theme but adds navy panelling on the shoulders, white piping, and a stylish tonal print. Their third kit embraces a modern approach, combining a white base with green pinstripes, deviating from the usual half-and-half design.

Borussia Dortmund: The Art of Subtlety

Borussia Dortmund’s kits, designed by local Basque artist Iñigo Manterola, exude elegance. The home jersey features blue stripes with a rough and textured three-dimensional quality, complemented by a simple all-black collar and cuff arrangement. The away kit adopts a white color with navy trim and a single, off-center Manterola column running vertically through the club crest. The third kit maintains a basic color scheme, with a dark blue base and white detailing.

Union Berlin: The Journey Begins

As Union Berlin embarks on its first Champions League journey, they do so in style. Their bright red home shirt, adorned with prim white trim and a single-button collar, perfectly represents the club. The away kit is a standard color flip, while the third kit showcases a leafy green color with lustrous gold trim. To celebrate their impressive progress in Europe, Union Berlin has unveiled a special fourth kit in black and gold, reserved solely for their Champions League escapades.

Sevilla: Traditional Colors With a Twist

Sevilla’s home kit pays homage to their traditional colors, enhanced by a geometric background print inspired by local ceramic art. The striped collar adds a touch of retro zeal. The away jersey boasts a hectic wavy stripe pattern, symbolizing the vibrant atmosphere generated by the club’s traveling fans. Lastly, the dark and moody third alternate kit merges nocturnal blacks and blues with flashes of neon magenta, incorporating a pattern inspired by traditional azulejo tiles.

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Napoli: A Triumph in Italian Style

Napoli’s home kit, inspired by their Serie A triumph, proudly displays the scudetto (shield) on the shirt. The red, white, and green tricolore of the Italian flag adorns the collar and cuffs, adding a touch of national pride. The away kit features a pale grey graphic of Mount Vesuvius set against a white background, while the third kit embraces a black and gold color scheme, with a “tribal tattoo” graphic on the shoulders and upper arms.

Lazio: Celebrating a Legacy

Lazio’s kits commemorate the 50th anniversary of the club’s first Serie A title. The home shirt captures the essence of the renowned 1973-74 team, featuring a V-neck, cuffs with nimble white beading, and an embossed Olympia eagle crest. The away jersey showcases dark blue tones with two-tone ribbing and tricolore bands on the sleeve cuffs. The third shirt, splendid in white, boasts a chain-link pattern woven into the navy collar and cuffs.

Roma: Back to Tradition

Roma goes back to its roots with the “Pure Atletico” look for their home kit. Expect plain, pared-down red and white stripes with minimal trim, a classic design loved by fans. The away kit surprises with an off-white marble color base, embedded with a floral pattern inspired by ancient Roman mosaic flooring.

Paris Saint-Germain: Celebrating History

PSG’s home kit pays tribute to their glory days of the early 2000s. The dark blue bed features an offset vertical version of the famous “Hechter” stripe, representing the architecture of the Parisian skyline by night. The away kit is a plain white shirt with a central band around the midriff that shifts from red to blue in color. The latest collaboration with the Jordan brand results in a greyscale third kit, boasting a muted urban camo pattern and a stealthy “blackout” iteration of the famous “Hechter stripe.”

Bayern Munich: Embracing Tradition and Festivity

Bayern Munich celebrates the Bavarian festival with a special edition Oktoberfest kit. The pale olive green shirt is adorned with floral embellishments inspired by mountain flowers, evoking the spirit of the festival.

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Barcelona: Identity and Tradition

Barcelona’s third kit stands out with its turquoise color and speckled “marl” pattern, representing the club’s commitment to nurturing talent through their esteemed La Masia youth academy.

Real Madrid: Honoring Heritage

Real Madrid’s away kit showcases a mesmerizing wobbly pink and green Spirograph-style print, paying homage to the club’s home neighborhood, Zuidoost, in Amsterdam. Their home kit features timeless nerazzurri stripes, pixelated and blurred to symbolize the diverse influences that shape Milan. The third kit elegantly complements the collection with a classic orange design.

These vibrant kits bring a fresh sense of style and identity to the clubs competing in Europe’s top leagues. As the 2023-24 season unfolds, football enthusiasts around the world eagerly await seeing their favorite teams donning these exciting jerseys on the pitch.


Q: Where can I find more information about football kits?
A: For more detailed information about football kits, player statistics, and more, visit Pesstatsdatabase, the ultimate source for all your football needs.

Q: Can I purchase these kits?
A: Yes, most of the kits mentioned in this article are available to purchase through official club websites, sports retailers, and online platforms.

Q: Will these kits be worn in European competitions?
A: Yes, these kits will be worn by the featured clubs in their respective domestic leagues and, for some, in European competitions like the Champions League or Europa League.


The 2023-24 season promises a feast of stylish football kits. From RB Leipzig’s creative designs to Sevilla’s homage to tradition, each kit tells a story and represents the identity of its respective club. Whether you’re a fan of classic designs or bold innovations, these kits are sure to capture your attention both on and off the pitch. So, get ready to cheer on your favorite teams in style!