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The Latest Collection of Football Icons by adidas: A Nostalgic Tribute to Nineties Football

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adidas, a brand known for its innovation and style in the world of football, has taken a nostalgic trip down memory lane with its latest collection. The new Football Icons collection pays homage to the golden era of the nineties, combining the culture and style of the time with modern streetwear trends. The result is a range of replica jerseys, track tops, and shorts that capture the essence of this iconic period in football history.

The Icons Collection: A Blend of Past and Present

The Football Icons collection features designs for some of the most renowned clubs in the world, including Ajax, Arsenal, Boca Juniors, Celtic FC, CR Flamengo, FC Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and River Plate. It also includes an icon jersey for Italy, one of the newest members of adidas’s family of National Team Federations.

These 90s-inspired jerseys, track tops, and shorts delve deep into one of the richest eras in modern football. It was a time when legendary careers were born and iconic styles were forged into history. adidas has successfully revived the essence of that era, combining it with their signature streetwear aesthetic.

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The Inspiration Behind the Collection

The Football Icons collection draws inspiration from the iconic ‘adidas Equipment’ era of the nineties. By reviving past classics and reimagining how clubs might have looked in the early 90s had they worn the three stripes, adidas has created a collection that strikes the perfect balance between instantly iconic and immediately wearable. The jerseys feature central branding, glossy finishing, and loose fits, capturing the spirit of the nineties while providing comfort and style for today’s football culture.

How to Get Your Hands on the Collection

Designed for fans who are passionate about their club’s heritage and appreciate the nostalgic style of the past, the Football Icons collection is available for purchase on the official adidas website, selected adidas stores, and partner retailers. Most of the collection, including match jerseys, tops, and shorts, can be found starting today. Celtic FC’s range will be released on the 14th of March.


Q: Can I find the Football Icons collection in physical stores?
A: Yes, the collection is available in selected adidas stores and partner retailers.

Q: Can I purchase the iconic jerseys online?
A: Yes, you can buy the Football Icons collection on the official adidas website.

Q: Are there options for different clubs and federations?
A: Yes, the collection includes designs for some of the most famous clubs worldwide, as well as an icon jersey for Italy.

Q: Is the collection suitable for both men and women?
A: Yes, the Football Icons collection is designed for all fans who appreciate football culture, regardless of gender.

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Q: Are the jerseys true to size?
A: adidas provides a sizing guide to ensure you get the perfect fit.


The Football Icons collection by adidas is a testament to the brand’s commitment to football heritage and style. By combining the influences of the iconic nineties era with modern streetwear trends, adidas has created a range of jerseys, tops, and shorts that capture the magic of this golden period in football history. Whether you are a die-hard fan of a specific club or simply appreciate the nostalgia of the past, the Football Icons collection is a must-have for any football enthusiast.

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About adidas in Football:

adidas is the global leader in football, providing official supplies for major tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup™ and the UEFA Champions League. The brand sponsors top clubs and federations worldwide and partners with some of the best athletes in the game. With its commitment to innovation and style, adidas continues to shape the future of football.