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Best American Football Games for PC: A Must-Try for Football Enthusiasts

American football has captivated not only sports enthusiasts but also gamers worldwide. Although there are not as many American football games as there are classic football games, there are still several noteworthy projects in the gaming market. Let’s dive into some of the best American football games for PC that every football fan should try.

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Madden NFL

Madden NFL is a popular American football simulator, reminiscent of the FIFA series. Just like FIFA, Madden NFL releases regular updates, introducing new gameplay features, optimizing NFL spreads, player ratings, rosters, and more. With over 23 games available – from Madden NFL 2000 to Madden NFL 2023, and the recent announcement of Madden NFL 2024 – the series has evolved significantly throughout the years.

One distinguishing feature of Madden NFL is its innovative game mechanics, offering advanced control and inspiring creativity. From a unique ball possession system to new quick passes, the game continues to push the boundaries. Unlike other sports games, Madden NFL stands out for its technical simplicity, resulting in a more polished and bug-free experience.

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2, released in 2015 by Cyanide Studio, is a sports strategy action game with a dark fantasy twist. Set in the Warhammer universe, the game combines elements of fantasy and sports, featuring goblins, undead, necromancers, and other dark fantasy “legends.”

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As the coach and strategist of your team, you’ll guide them through matches, unlocking new skills and gaining experience points. However, don’t be deceived by the calm facade; this game can get intense. Characters can permanently leave the game world through active attacks or confrontations with stronger opponents. Blood Bowl 2 offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete against AI or real opponents.

Axis Football

Axis Football, a classic American football project, offers an alternative to the widely known Madden NFL series. Developed by Axis Games, this game provides a breath of fresh air for those craving something different. Unlike Blood Bowl, Axis Football focuses on a more realistic approach to the sport, without the need for animated cartoon characters.

In Axis Football, players can experience the difficulties and challenges of being coaches or owners of a football team. The game introduces additional mechanics such as scouting, hiring coaches with special skills, and financial management, adding depth to the gameplay. This creates a more realistic experience where financial decisions can impact your career, much like in real life.

Final Thoughts

While there may not be an abundance of American football games for PC, developers like Electronic Arts and Axis Games continue to deliver high-quality projects that cater to fans of the sport. With these games, the market offers a range of experiences, from realistic simulators like Madden NFL to fantasy-infused strategy games like Blood Bowl 2. As the gaming industry evolves, football enthusiasts should keep an eye out for new and fresh additions to the genre.

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Q: Are there any other American football games available for PC?
A: Yes, apart from the mentioned titles, there are other American football games available for PC. However, the ones mentioned in this article are highly recommended for their quality and gameplay.

Q: Can I play these games online with friends?
A: While Madden NFL and Axis Football offer online multiplayer modes, Blood Bowl 2 focuses more on single-player campaigns. Nonetheless, all three games provide exciting and engaging experiences.

Q: Will there be more American football games in the future?
A: As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it’s possible that we’ll see new and exciting American football games in the future. For now, enjoy the available titles and stay tuned for any upcoming announcements.


American football enthusiasts have several remarkable options when it comes to PC gaming. Whether you prefer realistic simulations or fantasy-infused strategies, these games offer immersive experiences that capture the essence of the sport. From the consistently updated Madden NFL series to the unique gameplay of Blood Bowl 2 and the refreshing alternative of Axis Football, each game brings something special to the table. So, gather your friends, choose your team, and get ready for a thrilling journey into the world of American football.