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Belgian Strikers in Milan: A Serie A Season to Watch

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As the Italian Serie A season gets underway, all eyes will be on two Belgian strikers making their mark in Milan. Romelu Lukaku, the returning forward for Inter Milan, has already impressed fans with his skills. On the other hand, Charles De Ketelaere, the rising star, is still a relatively unknown quantity for city rival AC Milan.

De Ketelaere: The Rising Talent of AC Milan

Since signing with AC Milan, De Ketelaere has been the subject of much intrigue. People are still learning how to pronounce his name correctly, but it won’t be long before his talent takes center stage. In a friendly match against Vicenza, De Ketelaere played his first 15 minutes in a Milan jersey and had two close attempts at scoring. He followed this up by netting a hat trick in a 7-1 victory over Pergolettese in Milan’s final preseason friendly.

Belgium coach Roberto Martínez has high hopes for the 21-year-old forward, praising his technical ability, flexibility, and elegance of play. Martínez believes De Ketelaere can follow in the footsteps of past Rossoneri greats, thanks to his coordination, skill in the final pass, and shooting ability.

Lukaku: The Established Force at Inter Milan

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In contrast, Romelu Lukaku is no stranger to Italian football. During his previous two seasons with Inter Milan, Lukaku scored an impressive 47 goals in 72 Serie A appearances. His partnership with Lautaro Martínez, known as “LuLa” in the media, played a pivotal role in Inter’s 2021 league victory.

After a brief stint at Chelsea, Lukaku has returned to Inter, and the fans couldn’t be happier. Coach Antonio Conte, who worked with Lukaku during his previous spell, believes that Lukaku’s determination and heart will make him a key player once again. Lukaku’s ability to adapt to different systems, excel in fast games, and combine well with teammates will undoubtedly make him a force to be reckoned with.

Can Milan and Inter Dominate Serie A Again?

As the Milan teams kick off their season on Saturday, questions arise about their performances. AC Milan, the defending champions, will face Udinese, while Inter Milan takes on newly-promoted Lecce. On Sunday, José Mourinho’s Roma will play Salernitana, and Juventus and Napoli will face Sassuolo and Hellas Verona on Monday.

Football fans around the world eagerly anticipate the clash of talent as these Belgian strikers take the Serie A stage. Will Lukaku continue to shine at Inter, or will De Ketelaere become the new sensation at AC Milan? Only time will tell.


Q: How many goals did Lukaku score for Inter Milan?

A: Lukaku scored 47 goals in 72 appearances during his previous stint at Inter Milan.

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Q: How old is Charles De Ketelaere?

A: De Ketelaere is 21 years old.

Q: Who are the Milan teams playing in their season opener?

A: AC Milan will face Udinese, while Inter Milan takes on Lecce.


The Belgian presence in Milan adds an exciting dimension to the Serie A season. Romelu Lukaku and Charles De Ketelaere are set to captivate fans with their skills and contributions to their respective teams. Football enthusiasts can expect an exhilarating season as these talented strikers aim to make their mark in Italian football. Stay updated with the latest action on Pesstatsdatabase, your go-to destination for all things football.