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The Premier League’s Greatest German Player: A Celebration of Talent

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With the influx of talented players from around the world, the Premier League has witnessed some extraordinary performances. Today, we turn our attention to the German players who have graced the league with their skills and determination. From goalscoring exploits to record-breaking assists, these players have left an indelible mark on English football.

The Pioneers: Rosler, Klinsmann, and the Phenomenal Ozil

It all started in 1994 when Uwe Rosler became the first German to score in the Premier League. Shortly after, the legendary Jurgen Klinsmann made his debut for Tottenham Hotspur, captivating fans with his diving celebration and a match-winning goal. However, when it comes to assists, one player stands out above the rest – Mesut Ozil. With an astonishing 54 assists to his name, Ozil’s creativity and vision have been unparalleled. In fact, his 19 assists in the 2015/16 season are second only to Thierry Henry’s record of 20.

Mesut Ozil

The Midfield Maestros: Ballack and Hamann

Before Ozil’s arrival, the Premier League witnessed the brilliance of Dietmar Hamann and Michael Ballack. Hamann, with his tireless work ethic, featured in 268 matches for Newcastle United, Liverpool, and Manchester City, putting him second on the list of most appearances by German players. Ballack, on the other hand, was a stalwart for Chelsea, playing a key role in their title-winning campaign in 2009/10.

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The Modern Greats: Sane, Gundogan, and Lehmann

In recent years, two Germans have thrived under the guidance of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Leroy Sane’s blistering pace and intelligent movement were instrumental in City’s title triumphs in 2017/18 and 2018/19. With 25 goals and 28 assists in just 89 matches, Sane’s impact cannot be overstated. Meanwhile, Ilkay Gundogan’s versatility and technical prowess have made him an invaluable asset since his arrival in 2016.

Leroy Sane

In goal, Jens Lehmann’s heroics during Arsenal’s “Invincible” season in 2003/04 deserve special mention. The German shot-stopper kept an impressive 15 clean sheets, playing an integral role in Arsenal’s undefeated campaign.

Vote for the Best German Player in Premier League History

Now, it’s your turn to have your say. Who do you believe is the Premier League’s greatest ever German player? Head over to Pesstatsdatabase and cast your vote! Celebrate the achievements and contributions of these exceptional German footballers who have left an indelible mark on the Premier League.


1. Who is the player with the most goals scored by a German in the Premier League?
Mesut Ozil holds the record for the most goals scored by a German player in the Premier League, with four more than Klinsmann and Rosler.

2. Which German player has the most appearances in the Premier League?
Robert Huth leads the way with 322 appearances, closely followed by Dietmar Hamann with 268.

3. Who has the highest number of assists among German players in the Premier League?
Mesut Ozil reigns supreme with a staggering 54 assists, proving himself to be a creator of extraordinary quality.

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The Premier League has been enriched by the talents of German players throughout its history. From trailblazers like Rosler and Klinsmann to modern greats like Ozil, Sane, and Gundogan, these players have brought their unique skills and flair to the English game. It is their dedication and brilliance that have made the Premier League a truly global spectacle.

So, let’s celebrate the achievements of these remarkable German players and honor their contributions to the beautiful game. Cast your vote on Pesstatsdatabase and let the world know who you believe is the greatest German player in Premier League history.