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FC Cincinnati’s Salaries: A Deep Dive into the Numbers

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The Major League Soccer Players’ Association (MLSPA) recently revealed the salary information for FC Cincinnati’s players. These numbers shed light on how the club compensates its athletes and provide valuable insights into the team’s financial structure. Let’s take a closer look at what the data tells us.

New Signings and Academy Players

The MLSPA’s release confirmed that FC Cincinnati made significant additions to its roster during the summer transfer window. One notable signing is Aaron Boupendza, a new seven-figure earner for the club. Besides Boupendza, FC Cincinnati also brought in several players from its academy and reserve ranks. These moves contributed to the club’s on-field expenditures for the season.

Updates and Departures

The salary data includes updates on existing players and accounts for new signings and contract extensions. Notably, FC Cincinnati bid farewell to Brenner Souza da Silva, who departed for Italy’s Serie A. His departure freed up substantial salary space for the club. Another notable update is Luciano Acosta’s contract extension, which saw his total compensation increase, reflecting his outstanding performance on the field.

Limitations of the Data

It’s important to note that the salary information released by the MLSPA has certain limitations. It doesn’t fully account for how clubs manage the league’s salary cap or utilize roster-building aids like general allocation money (GAM) and targeted allocation money (TAM). Also, the data doesn’t provide a complete picture of a club’s expenditures, as it excludes factors such as transfer fees and agent fees.

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The Highest Earners in MLS

Among the eye-catching figures from the salary release, two names stand out. Lionel Messi, who joined Inter Miami CF in July, tops the list with a league-record guaranteed compensation of $20,446,667. Another notable addition is Teemu Pukki, who joined Minnesota United FC from Norwich City. His $3.55 million salary places him among the league’s top earners.

FC Cincinnati’s Salary Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of FC Cincinnati’s salaries for the season:

  • Luciano Acosta: $1,943,500; $2,222,854
  • Matt Miazga: $1,500,000; $1,500,000
  • Obinna Nwobodo: $1,555,000; $1,289,400
  • Yuya Kubo: $1,091,000; $1,206,750
  • Aaron Boupendza: $720,000; $1,127,600
  • And more…

For the complete list of salaries, please visit Pesstatsdatabase.


Q: Are these salaries reflective of the entire compensation players receive?
A: No, the provided data only includes base salaries and annual average guaranteed compensation. It excludes additional factors such as bonuses and fees.

Q: Does this data account for the league’s salary cap?
A: The figures released by the MLSPA do not fully reflect how clubs navigate the league’s salary cap or utilize allocation money.

Q: Where can I find more details about FC Cincinnati’s salaries?
A: For more comprehensive information, visit Pesstatsdatabase for the complete breakdown of salaries.


Understanding a club’s salary structure provides valuable insights into its financial operations and player investments. FC Cincinnati’s salary data reveals interesting trends, new signings, and updates on existing players. While the figures released by the MLSPA have certain limitations, they still offer a glimpse into the inner workings of the team. As the season progresses, it will be fascinating to see how these salaries align with player performances on the field.

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