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The Rising Star of MLS: Yaw Yeboah’s Salary and Achievements

By defeating Los Angeles FC in the final, Columbus Crew secured their third MLS championship in history. The decisive goal in the match was scored by Ghanaian footballer Yaw Yeboah, not only securing victory for the team in the tournament but also increasing his chances of signing a new contract with a higher salary.

Yaw Yeboah

What is Yaw Yeboah’s salary at Columbus Crew?

The Ghanaian winger joined the American team in the winter of 2022, and the agreement is valid until December 31, 2024. Over two years in America, Yeboah will earn €1,112,579, excluding bonuses. In the 2023 season, the Ghanaian footballer will receive €557,143, which amounts to €10,714 per week.

  • Annual Salary: €557,143
  • Monthly Salary: €46,429
  • Weekly Salary: €10,714
  • Daily Salary: €1,531

Team Salary Overview

Yaw Yeboah is among the top foreign players at Columbus Crew. In the 2023 season, the team’s total salary expenditure is €13,202,891 per year, or €253,902 per week. The highest-paid player on the team is winger Diego Rossi. Yaw Yeboah ranks seventh in the salary rating among the team’s players and closes the top five salaries among all foreign players on the American team.

Player Country Annual Salary (EUR)
Diego Rossi Uruguay €2,437,500
Cucho Hernandez Colombia €2,414,286
Kevin Molino Trinidad and Tobago €682,841
Steven Moreira France €650,000
Franco Cervi Ghana €557,143
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Career Salary Comparison

For a long time, Yaw Yeboah’s earnings hardly changed, ranging from €100,000 to €125,000. However, after moving to America, Yeboah’s salary increased almost fivefold, marking the most significant raise in his career. Thanks to this, the Ghanaian footballer currently has the highest income.

Yaw Yeboah

Club Salary Euro per Year (EUR) Salary Ghanaian Cedi per Year (GHS)
Columbus Crew (2022/2024) €557,143 7,172,026 Ghanaian Cedis
Wisla Krakow (2020/2022) 〜€116,580 1,510,160 Ghanaian Cedis
Real Oviedo (2017/2018) 〜€121,243 1,570,541 Ghanaian Cedis
FC Twente (2016/2017) €120,000 1,554,420 Ghanaian Cedis
Lille OSC (2015/2016) €120,000 1,554,420 Ghanaian Cedis

Yaw Yeboah’s Market Value

The Ghanaian is among the top ten most expensive players in Columbus Crew. Yeboah’s transfer value exceeded one million euros in 2017. After a successful season with FC Twente, where he played 27 matches and scored two goals, his transfer value increased. The transfer amount almost doubled after signing a contract with Wisla Krakow, and now Transfermarkt.com estimates Yeboah’s transfer value at €1.8 million, ranking him eighth among all Columbus Crew players.

Club Year Market Value
Columbus Crew 2022-2023 €1,800,000
Wisla Krakow 2021 (December) €1,200,000
Wisla Krakow 2021 (January) €900,000
RC Celta 2020 €475,000
RC Celta 2019 €800,000
Real Oviedo 2018 €800,000
FC Twente 2017 (June) €1,000,000
FC Twente 2017 (January) €1,250,000
Lille OSC/Manchester City 2016 €300,000
Lille OSC 2015 €150,000

Achievements with the National Team

The winger achieved his best results with the Ghana U-20 national team. In 2015, at the African Youth Cup, Yaw Yeboah, along with the national team, won bronze medals. He scored a double in the match for third place against Mali, helping the team win 3-1. After the tournament, the winger was named in the symbolic team and recognized as the most valuable player.

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In the same year, Yeboah participated in the U-20 World Cup, scoring twice in the group stage. His goal helped secure a draw against Austria, and then a victory against Argentina, leading to qualification for the playoffs. However, the Ghanaian team lost to Mali in the Round of 16. Yeboah made his debut for the Ghana senior team in 2019 but played only four matches since then.


Football and Salary Prospects

At the end of the 2023 season, Yaw Yeboah closed the top five scorers for Columbus Crew, scoring four goals and providing five assists in 37 championship games. Being one of the key players who scored the decisive goal in the MLS final, the Ghanaian took a step towards extending the agreement with the American team, with the possibility of a salary increase.


Q: What is Yaw Yeboah’s current salary?
A: Yaw Yeboah’s annual salary at Columbus Crew is €557,143.

Q: How does Yaw Yeboah’s salary compare to other players at Columbus Crew?
A: Yaw Yeboah ranks seventh in the salary rating among the team’s players and closes the top five salaries among all foreign players on the American team.

Q: What is Yaw Yeboah’s market value?
A: Yaw Yeboah’s transfer market value is estimated at €1.8 million, ranking him eighth among all Columbus Crew players.

Q: Has Yaw Yeboah achieved success with the Ghana national team?
A: Yes, Yaw Yeboah won bronze medals with the Ghana U-20 national team at the African Youth Cup in 2015 and was named the most valuable player of the tournament.

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Yaw Yeboah has emerged as a rising star in MLS and has made a significant impact on Columbus Crew’s success. With his impressive performances and crucial goal in the MLS final, Yeboah has not only elevated his reputation but also increased his salary prospects. As he continues to excel on the field, we can expect his career to reach new heights. For more information about football players and their statistics, visit Pesstatsdatabase.