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MLS vs Premier League: A Comparison of Two Football Powerhouses

mls vs premier league matches

Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Premier League are two prominent professional football leagues that captivate fans around the world. While MLS is based in the United States of America, the Premier League is one of Europe’s top-tier leagues in England. Let’s compare these two powerhouses and explore their similarities and differences.

MLS was established in 1994 and has been steadily gaining popularity worldwide ever since. On the other hand, the Premier League, founded in 1888, has become one of the most renowned leagues globally. In this article, we will delve into the details of the MLS vs Premier League comparison.

MLS vs Premier League: A Clash of Legacies

Although MLS is not at the top of the list among other prominent US sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, the Premier League is considered one of the most prestigious football leagues globally, especially in Europe. The EPL boasts a massive international fan base, while MLS primarily enjoys popularity within the United States. However, MLS has been rapidly growing and has even surpassed the NHL in terms of popularity.

Field Size: Beauty vs Tradition

MLS fields, constructed with modern technology and designs, are often more aesthetically pleasing than the century-old Premier League fields. Most Premier League field sizes measure 115 by 75 yards or 105 by 68.5 meters, while MLS fields measure 110 by 70 yards or 100.5 by 64 meters. Although MLS fields are smaller, they make up for it with their modern infrastructure.

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Salaries: The Great Divide

MLS vs Premier League

When it comes to player salaries, there is a significant disparity between the two leagues. On average, Premier League players earn about ten times more than their MLS counterparts. This substantial difference in wages has led many football legends to see MLS as a retirement plan. The average player salary in MLS is approximately $3,749,640 per year, while in the Premier League, it reaches a staggering $40,390,140 per year.

Teams: Quality and Status

Premier League teams enjoy immense status and reputation compared to their MLS counterparts. English teams generate more revenue through global fan bases and television rights. This financial advantage allows them to attract top-notch talent and build superior squads. However, it is worth mentioning that MLS teams have been steadily improving and have the potential to compete at a higher level in the future.

MLS vs Premier League: A Clash of Titans

In terms of head-to-head rankings, the worst Premier League team, Chelsea, still outperforms the best MLS team, Los Angeles FC. While Chelsea might be classified as the worst team in the English top tier, they have achieved remarkable results in recent years. When it comes to the overall quality and performance, the Premier League teams overshadow their MLS counterparts.

MLS vs Premier League field size

How Does MLS Compare to the Premier League?

The two soccer powerhouses can be compared in several aspects. The Premier League surpasses MLS in terms of player salaries, popularity, format, soccer quality, field sizes, and fan bases. During the 2021/22 season, the Premier League had an average attendance of 41,430 in 380 matches, while MLS had an average attendance of 20,526 in 489 matches. The Premier League holds a significant advantage in terms of popularity and fan attendance.

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Differences Between MLS and Premier League

MLS and the Premier League differ in various ways, including the formats, salaries, television money, popularity, superiority, and the quality of soccer. Here are some of the significant differences between these two football powerhouses:

  • The Premier League is home to some of the best talents worldwide, surpassing MLS in player quality.
  • Premier League players earn significantly more than their MLS counterparts.
  • Premier League teams are generally considered superior to MLS teams due to their financial advantages and global recognition.
  • Television rights and revenue are more valuable in the Premier League compared to MLS.
  • The Premier League format consists of 20 teams competing against each other, with the team earning the most points winning the trophy. In contrast, MLS follows a regular season followed by playoffs to determine the champion.

MLS does not have relegation and does not compete in the UEFA Champions League, which further distinguishes it from the Premier League.

Is the Premier League Better than MLS?

According to various sources, the Premier League is undoubtedly superior to MLS and is considered one of the strongest football powerhouses worldwide. With its rich history, top talents, and high level of competition, the Premier League has cemented its position as one of the most prestigious leagues globally.

Can MLS Compete in the Premier League?

ow does MLS compare to the Premier League?

MLS is still in the process of growth and development and has yet to reach the level of the European giants. Even teams from the English Championship, a lower tier league, could potentially outperform most MLS teams. The MLS vs Premier League debate has come a long way, and while both leagues have produced remarkable talents, the Premier League remains more prominent than MLS.

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Q: Which league has the highest player salaries?
A: The Premier League offers significantly higher salaries compared to MLS. Premier League players earn around 10 times more than their MLS counterparts.

Q: How do MLS and the Premier League differ in terms of team quality?
A: Premier League teams are generally considered superior to MLS teams due to their global recognition and financial advantages.

Q: Do MLS teams compete in the UEFA Champions League?
A: No, MLS teams do not compete in the UEFA Champions League.

Q: Can MLS teams compete with Premier League teams?
A: MLS is still growing and has yet to reach the level of the Premier League. Statistically, even English Championship teams could achieve victory against most MLS teams.


MLS and the Premier League are both remarkable football leagues, each with its own unique qualities and strengths. While MLS has been growing in popularity and improving its competitiveness, the Premier League remains at the pinnacle of professional football. Both leagues provide thrilling matches, talented players, and passionate fan bases. To stay up to date with the latest statistics and information, visit Pesstatsdatabase, your comprehensive source for football data and analysis.

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