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Harry Kane’s Brother Absent from FIFA Agent List: Implications for Football Intermediaries

harry kane brother

Family members of several England players, including Charlie Kane, brother of captain Harry Kane, have been excluded from FIFA’s list of registered agents. This omission comes after the governing body introduced new tests for intermediaries to pass in order to obtain a license. The recent directory published by FIFA features only 4,766 names, a significant decrease from the approximately 15,000 agents registered prior to the introduction of these tests in 2015.

The Absent Relatives and Exam Results

Charlie Kane and a number of other relatives of Three Lions players represent their family members but do not appear on the FIFA directory. In contrast, some agents who took the exam last month may still be awaiting inclusion on the list. FIFA implemented a rigorous 60-minute, 20-question test this year, requiring agents to study a comprehensive 528-page book. Online tuition for the exam was reportedly priced as high as £800 per hour. Entrants who were not considered “legacy agents” had to pass the exam before the beginning of this month to obtain a license.

Legal Challenge and Continued Operation

However, the situation regarding agents like Kane and others who are not on FIFA’s directory but remain on the Football Association’s agent list is currently on hold due to a legal challenge by major agencies in the country. Until a verdict is reached by the tribunal, these agents can continue their operations. The decision is expected by November 30.

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Previous Exam Results and Future Opportunities

Nearly half of the agents who took the first test in April failed, while the second test in Birmingham encountered technical issues with the WiFi. Some participants were granted permission to complete the exam from their homes. The new regulations also impose a cap of three percent on players’ earnings for agents representing them on annual salaries exceeding £161,000, which increases to six percent if the agent acts on behalf of both the player and the club. Brokering deals will now be limited to a maximum fee of 10 percent.

The next opportunity to take the exam will be in May of next year.


Q: How many names are on FIFA’s agent list?
A: The latest directory published by FIFA features 4,766 registered agents, a significant decrease from the previous count of around 15,000.

Q: Why are some relatives of England players absent from the FIFA directory?
A: Family members of certain Three Lions players, such as Charlie Kane, brother of Harry Kane, are not included on FIFA’s list, while others are. The exact reasons for the exclusion remain unclear.

Q: When will the next exam for agents be held?
A: The next opportunity to take the exam is scheduled for May of next year.


The absence of Harry Kane’s brother and other relatives of England players from FIFA’s list of registered agents highlights the impact of the newly-introduced tests for football intermediaries. This development, along with the ongoing legal challenge by major agencies, showcases the changing landscape and regulations surrounding player representation in the sport. As FIFA continues to enforce stricter requirements, the industry will undoubtedly undergo further transformations, ensuring greater transparency and accountability for football agents.

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