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The Best Soccer Teams With Black Jerseys

soccer teams with black jerseys

When it comes to soccer teams, the color black is often associated with referees and officials. But did you know that there are several teams that rock black jerseys? In this article, we’ll take a look at the 7 best soccer teams with black jerseys.

7. Orlando Pirates

Orlando Pirates

The South African-based club, Orlando Pirates, is the first team on our list. Known for their iconic all-black logo and jerseys adorned with the skull and crossbones, the Pirates have a rich history. Founded in 1937, the team has won the league title 9 times and even clinched the African Champions League in 1995. Currently sitting in 2nd place in the South African Premier League, the Pirates continue to make their mark.

6. Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town, an English seaside club, is famous for its black and white striped jerseys. Despite playing their home matches in Cleethorpes at Blundell Park Stadium, Grimsby Town has a strong following. After gaining promotion back to the English Football League, the team currently sits in 9th place in League Two, making a promising return to the EFL.

5. New Zealand National Team

New Zealand National Team

Easily the most recognizable country sporting the black jersey, New Zealand’s national teams proudly wear black across various sports. Although rugby receives more attention in New Zealand, the national soccer team has had its moments. Despite missing out on the 2022 FIFA World Cup, New Zealand finished atop their qualifying group and put up a fight in the play-off match against Costa Rica.

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4. Notts County

Notts County

Notts County, allegedly the oldest English Football League team still in existence, showcases their black and white stripes with pride. The team, based in Nottingham, has a rich history and a passionate fanbase. Though currently outside of the Football League, Notts County has won several trophies throughout its existence, including the 1894 FA Cup.

3. St. Mirren

St. Mirren

St. Mirren, a Scottish club, is one of the smaller teams in the top tier of Scottish soccer. Founded in 1877, the team has a rich history and plays their home matches at St. Mirren Park in Paisley. While they may not have won the league title, the Saints have claimed victory in the Scottish Cup three times and the Scottish League Cup once.

2. Newcastle United

Newcastle United

Newcastle United, one of the most famous black and white striped teams in England, takes the second spot on our list. Based in the Northeast of England, Newcastle United boasts a passionate fanbase and a turbulent history. Recently acquired by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, the club’s fortunes are on the rise with important signings and a growing sense of optimism.

1. Juventus FC

Juventus FC

Sitting at the top of our list is the legendary Juventus FC. The Turin-based giants are known for their iconic black and white striped jerseys. With a record 36 Serie A titles and a rich history of success in domestic and European competitions, Juventus is a true powerhouse of Italian soccer. The club’s Allianz Stadium stands as a modern masterpiece, and their passionate fans embody the spirit of the team.

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Q: Are there other teams with black jerseys?
A: Yes, there are many other teams with black jerseys, but these seven teams stand out for their history, success, and iconic designs.

Q: Who is the most successful team on this list?
A: Juventus FC holds the title for the most successful team on this list, with a record number of Serie A titles and numerous domestic and European trophies.

Q: Are black jerseys common in soccer?
A: Black jerseys are not as common as other colors in soccer, but they often carry a sense of style, elegance, and intimidation.

Q: Why are referees associated with black jerseys?
A: Referees wear black jerseys to differentiate themselves from the players on the field and to maintain a sense of authority and neutrality.


Black jerseys add a touch of style and mystique to the world of soccer. The teams on this list have created iconic looks that have stood the test of time. Whether it’s the skull and crossbones of the Orlando Pirates or the historic black and white stripes of Notts County, these teams showcase the power and allure of the color black in the beautiful game.

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