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The Top Soccer Leagues in the World: Analyzing the Data

Debating which soccer leagues are the best in the world is a never-ending discussion among football enthusiasts. But what if we could back up our arguments with data? Thanks to Opta, the renowned sports analytics company, we can now quantify the quality of each league using their Power Rankings. Let’s dive into the numbers and see how the top soccer leagues stack up.

soccer leagues ranked

The Power Rankings by Opta

Opta’s Power Rankings assign an “ability score” to each club, ranging from 0 to 100. A score of 0 indicates the worst team, while 100 represents the best. As of September 2023, the top-ranked club is Manchester City. By averaging the scores of all the teams in a league, we can compare the different competitions worldwide.

The Top 30 Soccer Leagues

According to Opta’s Power Rankings, here are the top 30 soccer leagues in the world as of September 2023:

  1. English Premier League – 87.66
  2. German Bundesliga – 84.04
  3. Italian Serie A – 83.46
  4. Spanish La Liga – 83.43
  5. French Ligue 1 – 81.41
  6. English Championship – 78.58
  7. Dutch Eredivisie – 77.24
  8. Portuguese Primeira Liga – 77.20
  9. Belgian Pro League – 77.19
  10. Brazilian Serie A – 76.43
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…and so on.

It’s no surprise that Europe’s “Top 5” leagues dominate the top spots. The English Premier League, with its seven clubs in the top twenty team rankings, sits at the pinnacle. Following closely are the German Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. Even the second-tier English Football League Championship surpasses some first divisions from other European countries.

The Brazilian Success Story

The Brazilian Serie A is the highest-ranked league on the western side of the Atlantic, occupying the tenth position. Brazil’s clubs have enjoyed success in recent years, winning four out of the last five Copa Libertadores tournaments. In the ongoing 2023 edition, three out of the four semifinalists are Brazilian teams.

The MLS Rise

Major League Soccer (MLS) has been making strides, climbing from 29th in the rankings in August to 15th currently. The American top-tier league now sits ahead of the Austrian Bundesliga and the Spanish second division. The MLS’s rise can be attributed to the influx of talent during the summer transfer window and the strong performances of MLS teams against Liga MX sides in the Leagues Cup.

Exploring Other Regions

While Europe’s leagues dominate the top rankings, it’s interesting to note the positioning of leagues from other regions. The Saudi Pro League, with its star-packed teams, ranks 27th. It sits just behind the J League and K League from the Asian confederation’s far eastern reaches.

Are the Rankings Reliable?

Now, the question arises: Do these data-backed rankings truly reflect the quality and competitiveness of each league? Statistics offer valuable insights, but they don’t capture every aspect of the beautiful game. Ultimately, the determination of the best league remains subjective and open to debate.

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Q: Who is the top-ranked club according to Opta’s Power Rankings?
A: As of September 2023, the top-ranked club is Manchester City.

Q: Which league sits at the pinnacle of the rankings?
A: The English Premier League is currently the top-ranked league.

Q: Has Major League Soccer (MLS) improved its position in the rankings?
A: Yes, the MLS has risen to 15th in the rankings, up from 29th in August.


Opta’s Power Rankings provide an insightful glimpse into the quality of different soccer leagues around the world. While the rankings offer valuable data, determining the best league is subjective and influenced by various factors. Regardless, the passion and excitement that each league brings to football fans worldwide is what truly matters.

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