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The Art of Being a Striker in Soccer

In the world of soccer, the spotlight often shines on the strikers. From their goal-scoring prowess to their ability to take center stage, these players capture the imagination of fans worldwide. But being a striker entails much more than simply finding the back of the net. It is a complex position that demands a diverse range of skills and qualities. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the striker role and delve into what it takes to be a great striker in the modern game.

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What Defines a Striker in Soccer?

Legendary Dutch footballer and coach Johan Cruyff once said, “To win, you have to score one more goal than your opponent.” It may seem like a simple concept, but it underscores the importance of a striker in a team’s tactics. A striker is an essential position in soccer, typically occupying the most advanced position on the pitch. Their primary responsibility is to score goals and create opportunities for other attacking players.

Over the years, the role of a striker has evolved, giving rise to different variations such as the false nine or the inverted winger. However, in this article, we will focus on the central striker, also known as the center forward. Traditionally, center forwards are referred to as “number 9s” due to the number on their shirts. Players like Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, and Erling Haaland continue to carry on this tradition. Nevertheless, the demands on strikers have grown exponentially, making the position more complex than ever before. So, let’s delve into the key attributes needed to excel in this role.

The Key Traits of a Striker in Soccer

The striker role can vary depending on the team’s formation, whether it be a two-forward system like 4-4-2 or 3-5-2, or a lone striker setup. Nonetheless, certain qualities remain vital for any good striker. Let’s take a closer look at the essential skills a striker needs to possess.

  • Shooting ability: Above all, a striker must have the ability to score goals. They need to be a constant threat to their opponents’ goal, with the versatility to score from various positions and situations. Whether it’s a tap-in, a tight finish, or a powerful strike from distance, a good striker must be proficient in all aspects of shooting. Additionally, they often take on the responsibility of being the team’s penalty taker, emphasizing the need for consistent finishing.

  • Composure: In high-pressure situations, a great deal of composure is required to convert chances into goals. The ability to remain calm, balanced, and focused is paramount for any striker. Converting opportunities in these crucial moments is the hallmark of a top-notch finisher.

  • Hold-up play: A striker’s skill set should include solid hold-up play. This involves receiving the ball while under pressure from defenders, shielding it, and involving other players in the game. By providing their teammates with time and space to join the attack, a striker becomes a key link in the team’s attacking play. This quality is especially important for physically-imposing center forwards.

  • Technical skill: Elite-level strikers possess exceptional technical skills. Their ball control, first touch, passing, and dribbling abilities are essential for making critical plays in the advanced areas of the pitch. Technical precision is vital for strikers to excel in their position.

  • Intelligent movement: Strikers must have a deep understanding of how and when to make runs. Whether dropping back to link up with playmakers, shifting wide to create space for wingers, or aiming straight for the box to meet crosses, intelligent movement is crucial. By beating the defensive line and timing their runs to perfection, strikers can outsmart and overpower opposing defenses.

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The Best Strikers in the World Today

When watching the world’s top strikers, these aforementioned qualities are on full display. Here are a few names that stand out among the current generation.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema

At the age of 35, the French forward Karim Benzema recently won his first-ever Ballon d’Or trophy. With five Champions League winner’s medals to his name, he has been an integral part of Real Madrid’s attack for several years. His prolific scoring record and recent form solidify his status as one of the greatest strikers of the 21st century.

Robert Lewandowski

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski is another world-class striker. Having recently moved to Barcelona, he boasts an impressive goal-scoring record in the Bundesliga, having played for both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. With his aerial ability, clever movement, and over 500 career goals, Lewandowski is a force to be reckoned with.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland

Only 22 years old, Erling Haaland is already making waves in the soccer world. With over 150 goals at club level and exceptional physical attributes, he is recognized as one of the best strikers globally. His pace and goal-scoring ability have set him apart, and his potential for further growth is immense.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

England’s Harry Kane is not only one of his nation’s greatest strikers but also a standout performer in the Premier League. With his versatility, ability to drop deep, and provide assists, Kane’s development as a complete striker has been remarkable. His 192 Premier League goals make him one of the top scorers in the league’s history.

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The Greatest Strikers of All Time

Some strikers have reached legendary status in the game. Here are a few who have already cemented their place in history.



“The original Ronaldo,” as he is often referred to, is one of the most gifted forwards the world has ever seen. With successful stints at prestigious clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Inter, Ronaldo’s scoring record speaks for itself.


Pele’s name is synonymous with greatness. The Brazilian legend is the only player to have won three World Cups and is widely regarded as one of the best goal scorers of all time. His tally of over 600 goals for Santos and New York Cosmos solidifies his status as an all-time great.

Gerd Muller

The late Gerd Muller was an icon of European football. With over 500 goals for both club and country, including winning the 1974 World Cup with Germany, Muller’s contributions to the game were immense.


Considered Portugal’s greatest-ever striker, Eusebio had an extraordinary career, scoring 638 goals in 614 games. His achievements include a European Cup win and being crowned European Footballer of the Year.

Strikers shape the game we love and provide us with unforgettable moments. Their impact on the sport is immeasurable.


Q: How many goals has Robert Lewandowski scored in his career?
A: Robert Lewandowski has scored over 500 career goals for both club and country.

Q: Who is the greatest striker of all time?
A: It is subjective, but many consider Pele to be the greatest striker of all time due to his numerous accomplishments and incredible goal-scoring record.

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Q: What is the role of a striker in soccer?
A: The primary role of a striker is to score goals and assist other attacking players. They are often the most advanced players on the pitch.


Being a striker in soccer is a demanding and multifaceted role. It requires a combination of shooting ability, composure, hold-up play, technical skill, and intelligent movement. The world’s best strikers possess these qualities and leave a lasting impact on the game. From Karim Benzema to Robert Lewandowski, these players continue to thrill fans with their remarkable exploits. Additionally, legends like Ronaldo, Pele, Gerd Muller, and Eusebio have set a standard that many strive to match. Strikers are the vanguards of the beautiful game, and their contributions will forever be celebrated.

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About the author: Fred Garratt-Stanley is a freelance football writer, Norwich City fan, and amateur footballer. He has covered a wide range of football-related topics for publications such as British GQ, VICE, FanSided, and more.