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The Inspiring Story of the ‘World’s Strongest Soccer Player’ and His Fight Against Racial Abuse

Football is not just about the thrill of the game or the incredible skills showcased on the field; it is also about the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of the players. Akinfenwa, also known as the ‘world’s strongest soccer player,’ is a living testament to this. After enduring racial abuse during his time in Eastern Europe as a teenager, Akinfenwa has decided to make a difference by starting a charity to support young players who suffer from similar experiences.

Strongest Soccer Player

Battling Racism in Eastern Europe

Akinfenwa’s journey has not been without its obstacles. In 2001, he left Watford, England, and signed with Lithuanian side FK Atlantas, hoping to showcase his talents. Unfortunately, instead of a platform for success, he encountered a wave of racial abuse from the club’s fans. Monkey chants and derogatory slurs became a regular part of his footballing experience.

“It’s hard. I went through it at 18,” Akinfenwa recalled during a recent interview. “Mine was in an Eastern European country. And it was severe.” Despite the difficult circumstances, Akinfenwa chose to stay and face the problem head-on like a true champion. Eventually, he became a fan favorite and even opened his own Adidas store in the city of Klaipeda.

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Beast Mode State of Mind: A Charity to Empower Young Players

Akinfenwa’s harrowing experiences have fueled his determination to help others facing similar challenges. In 2020, he plans to launch his charity, Beast Mode State of Mind. The foundation aims to support young players suffering from racial abuse and mental health issues that often accompany such abuse.

“We’re doing a charity where it’s about embracing who you are, not worrying about the stereotypes, not worrying about the pressures of society or what people think you should be,” Akinfenwa explained. The essence of the charity lies in encouraging individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin, not allowing others to define them based on their weight, color, or any other aspect.

Inspiring Advice and Support

While Akinfenwa’s charity is still in the works, he has valuable advice for those currently facing similar challenges. He emphasizes the importance of understanding that racism stems from ignorance and a lack of education. Talking about these experiences and seeking support is also crucial, as it helps alleviate the burden and promotes a sense of unity.

Akinfenwa acknowledges that the fight against racism in football is not a battle that can be won overnight. It is a societal issue that extends beyond the boundaries of the sport. However, he firmly believes that by speaking out and supporting one another, positive change can be achieved.

“Don’t allow it to affect your soul,” Akinfenwa states passionately, leaving a resounding message of resilience and empowerment.


Q: What is Akinfenwa’s charity called?
A: Akinfenwa’s charity is called Beast Mode State of Mind.

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Q: When will the charity be launched?
A: The charity is set to open its doors in 2020.

Q: What does the charity aim to support?
A: Beast Mode State of Mind aims to support young players suffering from racial abuse and mental health problems.


Akinfenwa’s journey from enduring racial abuse as a teenager in Eastern Europe to becoming a prominent figure in the footballing world is nothing short of remarkable. His determination and resilience have led him to start a charity that will provide support and empowerment to young players facing similar challenges. Through his foundation, Akinfenwa aims to create a world where individuals can embrace their true selves without fear of discrimination. Together, we can stand against racism and create a better future for the beautiful game.

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