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USA Defender Tim Ream Extends Contract with Fulham and Scores First Premier League Goal

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USMNT centerback Tim Ream has signed a one-year contract extension with Fulham, prolonging his stay with the team until 2024. Ream, who is 35 years old, celebrated this momentous occasion by scoring his first-ever goal in the Premier League during Fulham’s 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace.

Extending the Journey with Fulham

In an interview with FFCtv, Ream expressed his excitement about continuing his journey with Fulham. He stated, “I’m still not retiring! I’m going to be here for year number nine, and I’m excited. I feel the best I’ve ever felt, as confident as I’ve ever been.” Ream emphasized how proud he and his family are of this contract extension, which allows them to remain settled and connected with the club.

A Reliable Force in Fulham’s Defense

Fulham General Manager Tony Khan spoke highly of Ream, describing him as a reliable force at the heart of the defense since joining the squad in 2015. Khan acknowledged Ream’s strong performances and his significant contributions to the team’s success, including winning a third promotion to the Premier League last season. Khan expressed his gratitude and delight that Ream will continue to be a part of Fulham for at least one more season.

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A Long-Term Fulham Player

Ream has been an integral part of Fulham for eight seasons, making a total of 272 appearances. Notably, he has witnessed the club’s promotion to the Premier League on three separate occasions. This season, Ream has impressively played all but two minutes of the campaign. His consistent performances led to his recall to the USMNT squad, where he displayed his skill and reliability in the World Cup.

A Strong World Cup Performance

Although Ream’s inclusion in the World Cup squad was initially surprising due to his lack of recent national team appearances, he proved his worth on the pitch. Starting in every game, Ream showcased his defensive prowess and emerged as one of the locker room leaders. While controversies surrounded the team, Ream downplayed the issues, stating, “We dealt with it in camp, things moved on, we moved past it, and that’s where we are.”


Q: How many seasons has Tim Ream played for Fulham?
A: Tim Ream has played for Fulham for eight seasons.

Q: Has Tim Ream scored a goal in the Premier League before?
A: No, Tim Ream scored his first-ever Premier League goal in Fulham’s win over Crystal Palace.

Q: How many appearances has Tim Ream made for Fulham?
A: Tim Ream has made 272 appearances for Fulham.


Tim Ream’s contract extension with Fulham is a testament to his skill, dedication, and contributions to the team. As a long-serving player, Ream’s experience and leadership on and off the field are invaluable. Fulham fans can look forward to seeing him continue to defend the club’s colors with passion and determination.

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