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Jake Nerwinski’s Move to St. Louis City SC: A New Journey Begins

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After six successful seasons with Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Jake Nerwinski is embarking on a new adventure with MLS expansion team St. Louis City SC. The 28-year-old defender recently signed a two-year contract with the option for 2025, solidifying his move to the Show-Me State.

A Career in Vancouver

During his time with Vancouver, Nerwinski made 141 MLS appearances, scoring four goals and providing six assists. Known for his versatility, he played multiple positions, including right back, left centre back, and centre back. While this allowed him more playing time, it also opened him up to criticism and mixed results.

Looking for a New Team

After Vancouver declined his 2023 option, Nerwinski became a free agent and wasted no time in pursuing a move to St. Louis City SC, his top choice. With the promise of being part of a brand-new team, playing under coach Bradley Carnell, and being part of the city’s passionate soccer culture, Nerwinski saw this as a fantastic opportunity.

Reuniting with Tim Parker

One of the most exciting aspects of Nerwinski’s move is reuniting with fellow tri-state native Tim Parker. The two defenders played together during Nerwinski’s rookie season in Vancouver and developed a strong chemistry both on and off the field. Their familiarity will undoubtedly be an advantage as they settle into their new team and city.

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The Right Back Position

Nerwinski is relieved to return to his preferred right back position, where he believes he can make the greatest impact. While he was open to playing in different roles for the sake of the team, he acknowledges that being out of position could have potentially hindered his career. He is eager to prove himself as a starter in the league once again.

A New Formation for St. Louis City SC

St. Louis City SC is expected to adopt a back four formation, which suits Nerwinski’s playing style. This formation will likely allow him to pair up with Tim Parker, with whom he played successfully during their first year together in Vancouver. Their existing chemistry will be invaluable for the team as they embark on their inaugural season.

Farewell to Vancouver

Nerwinski reflects fondly on his time in Vancouver, considering it his home for the past six years. He cherishes the milestones he experienced there, such as getting engaged, married, and becoming a father. He expresses gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support and looks forward to returning to BC Place when St. Louis City SC faces off against Whitecaps FC.


Q: How many appearances did Nerwinski make for Vancouver?

A: Nerwinski made 141 MLS appearances for Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Q: Which position does Nerwinski prefer to play?

A: Nerwinski’s preferred position is right back.

Q: Who is Nerwinski reuniting with in St. Louis City SC?

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A: He is reuniting with fellow tri-state native Tim Parker.


As Jake Nerwinski bids farewell to Vancouver, he embarks on a new journey with St. Louis City SC. With a fresh start and the opportunity to play in his preferred position, Nerwinski is determined to make a significant impact in the upcoming season. Fans eagerly anticipate his reunion with Tim Parker and the potential they bring as a defensive duo. The Gateway to the West now awaits the arrival of these talented players, ready to leave their mark on St. Louis soccer.