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The Popularity of English Premier League Teams: Unveiling the Dominant and the Dark Horses

The English Premier League (EPL) has long been hailed as one of the richest and most competitive football leagues globally. It comes as no surprise that the popularity of its teams has skyrocketed, with certain clubs emerging as fan favorites. Among the dominant “big six” teams, however, one stands out above them all. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of EPL team popularity.

Manchester United

The Reign of Manchester United

With over 80 million followers on Facebook, Manchester United holds the crown as the most popular team in the EPL. The club’s success is reflected not only in its massive fanbase but also in its record-breaking 20 English top-flight titles, the majority of which were secured during the 90s and 2000s.

Manchester United’s dominance, however, has waned in recent years, with their last Premier League victory dating back over a decade. Since the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2012-13 season, the club has faced challenges in maintaining their winning streak. This opens up an intriguing question: Can other teams bridge the gap as younger fans around the world seek teams that embody current success?

Manchester City

The Rise of Manchester City

Manchester United’s “noisy neighbors,” Manchester City, have emerged as strong contenders to challenge their dominance. The data reveals a significant surge in Manchester City’s popularity since they clinched their first Premier League title in the 2011-2012 season. As consistent participants in the Champions League, they have firmly established their place among the top teams, securing the third spot in the popularity rankings.

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The Big Six and Beyond

While Manchester United and Manchester City undoubtedly reign supreme, the remaining spots in the popularity rankings are fiercely contested by the other members of the so-called “Big Six.” Chelsea secures the second spot, closely followed by Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

EPL Popularity Ranking Table

The Dark Horses

At the opposite end of the popularity spectrum, we find the newly promoted teams, the yo-yo clubs, and the perennial survivors. Burnley, Brentford, and Bournemouth, among others, face an uphill battle to compete with the more popular clubs. Their online fanbases pale in comparison, with fewer than 800,000 followers (less than 10% of Manchester United’s total). Nevertheless, as these teams prolong their stay in the top flight, they stand a chance to increase their global appeal and bridge the popularity gap.

The Future of EPL Popularity

As access to greater wealth continues to favor the top clubs, the gap between the most and least popular teams in the EPL is likely to widen. The alignment of winning silverware, growing fanbases, and increased wealth reinforces the dominance of the big clubs. The ill-fated European Super League offered a glimpse into the ambitions of the top clubs’ owners to protect their income and solidify their positions, highlighting the challenging landscape for open competition.


1. Are Manchester United the most successful team in the EPL?
Yes, with an impressive record of 20 English top-flight titles, Manchester United stands as the most successful team in the league’s history.

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2. Which team is the biggest threat to Manchester United’s popularity?
Manchester City has emerged as a formidable contender, captivating fans worldwide since their victorious 2011-2012 Premier League campaign.

3. Are there any underdog teams that have gained popularity despite their lower league positions?
While the popularity of underdog teams is often hindered by their lower league positions, prolonged stays in the Premier League can gradually improve their global appeal.


The popularity of English Premier League teams is a reflection of their on-field success, fan engagement, and historical significance. While Manchester United enjoys unrivaled popularity, Manchester City and other members of the “Big Six” are working tirelessly to challenge their dominance. As the league continues to expand its reach worldwide, underdog teams have the opportunity to elevate their profiles and compete with the giants. Stay tuned as we closely monitor the ever-evolving landscape of EPL team popularity.