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Lewandowski: Overcoming Expectations to Become the Best in the World


Few players have shown such consistent improvement throughout their careers as Robert Lewandowski. Recently crowned the best footballer in the world, Lewandowski’s rise to the top is a testament to his determination and talent. However, it is his ability to overcome societal expectations that truly sets him apart.

The Polish Inferiority Complex

Growing up in Poland, Lewandowski faced the pervasive belief that kids from his country could never achieve greatness in football. The notion of a glass ceiling for Polish players was ingrained in their minds, with major awards seemingly reserved for players from more established footballing nations.

“Kids from Poland aren’t supposed to be the best in the world,” reflects Lewandowski. Even as he accepted the prestigious award, he struggled to believe it himself. The absence of Polish footballing icons and the dismissive comments from scouts like “he’s pretty skilled… for a Polish kid” instilled a sense of perpetual self-doubt in young players.

Breaking Barriers with Exceptional Performance

Despite the odds stacked against him, Lewandowski shattered these preconceived notions with a remarkable performance in the 2019/20 season. Scoring an astonishing 49 goals in the Bundesliga and Champions League, he propelled Bayern Munich to a historic treble, solidifying his status as the world’s top performer.

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“When I received the trophy, I couldn’t believe it,” reveals Lewandowski. The moment was a culmination of a lifetime of dedication and sacrifice. Memories of his humble beginnings, the muddy pitches, and the countless supporters who aided his journey flashed before his eyes. This recognition was not just an individual achievement; it was a triumph for an entire nation of aspiring footballers.

Embracing Change for Growth

Lewandowski’s decision to switch from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich was met with controversy, yet it ultimately proved to be a turning point in his career. Adapting to a new culture and playing style, under the guidance of esteemed coaches such as Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and Hansi Flick, further propelled his development.

“I learned so much from these coaches,” acknowledges Lewandowski. The demanding environment at Bayern Munich, coupled with the club’s professional culture, forced him to elevate his game. The constant drive for excellence and the support of those around him played a vital role in his transformation.


Q: Who is Robert Lewandowski?
A: Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer who currently plays for Bayern Munich and the Polish national team. He is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world.

Q: How many goals did Lewandowski score in the 2019/20 season?
A: Lewandowski scored an impressive 49 goals in the Bundesliga and Champions League during the 2019/20 season.

Q: Has a Polish player ever been named the world’s best player before Lewandowski?
A: No, Lewandowski is the first Polish player to receive the prestigious award for the world’s best footballer.

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Robert Lewandowski’s journey from a kid in Poland to the world’s best footballer defies expectations and serves as an inspiration to aspiring players worldwide. His ability to overcome self-doubt, break down barriers, and continually improve has made him a true icon of the sport. Lewandowski’s story reminds us that greatness knows no boundaries and that dreams can be realized with unwavering dedication and belief.

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