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The Ultimate Guide to the Best PS5 Football Games

Video best soccer games ps5

best soccer games ps5

What are the best PS5 football games? If you’re looking to live out your dreams of becoming a pro player or manager, Pesstatsdatabase has got you covered. Harnessing the power of the PS5, these games offer a realistic and immersive football experience. Whether you’re a fan of hyper-realism, arcade action, detailed management, or even multicolored bean footballers, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive into the best PS5 football games that will make you feel like you’re on the pitch.

1. FIFA 23

PS5 Football Games: Multiple players can be seen

FIFA 23 is the king of football games, and it’s no surprise that it’s made by EA SPORTS. With realistic gameplay, licensed graphics, and familiar commentary, FIFA 23 delivers an authentic football experience. The game offers various modes, including Career Mode, Pro Clubs, freestyle VOLTA FOOTBALL, and the popular FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 23 takes full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities with HyperMotion2 motion capture and immersive features like the DualSense controller’s inbuilt speaker. Get ready for the ultimate football experience. Pesstatsdatabase

2. eFootball 2023

PS5 Football Games: Multiple players can be seen

Konami has brought back Pro Evolution Soccer as eFootball 2023. Known for its realistic gameplay, this game will delight the purists. Although content centers around MyClub, Konami’s answer to FIFA Ultimate Team, eFootball 2023 has great potential. With 600,000 downloads across multiple platforms, it’s definitely worth a shot on your PS5. As a free-to-play game, eFootball 2023 has the chance to rival FIFA once again. Pesstatsdatabase

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3. Rocket League

PS5 Football Games: Multiple cars can be seen driving into a ball

Rocket League takes the beautiful game to another level by introducing rocket-powered go-karts, bright colors, and energetic EDM. While the premise of football remains, you’ll be playing with rocket-powered cars that can perform incredible tricks. Games are short and sweet, making Rocket League a perfect pick-up-and-play football game. Whether you want to compete globally or enjoy single-player matches, Rocket League offers endless fun. Discover why this game has won numerous awards. Pesstatsdatabase

4. Football Manager 2023

PS5 Football Games: A management screen can be seen

Football Manager 2023 brings the joy of tactics, spreadsheets, and transfers to your TV. As the overseer of your favorite football club, the goal is simple: achieve glory. Whether you choose a club or start unemployed, you’ll experience the thrill of managing a team. Keep your squad happy, scout new players, and aim for the quadruple. Football Manager 2023 may be addictive, but that’s part of its charm. Just be careful not to lose track of time while playing. Pesstatsdatabase

5. FIFA 22

PS5 Football Games: Mbappe can be seen dribbling

Although FIFA 22 is last year’s game, it still offers an enjoyable football experience. Whether you want to play Career Mode or enjoy couch co-op with friends, FIFA 22 has plenty to offer. While online gameplay may be challenging due to the dominance of long-time players, offline modes are still worth exploring. You can find FIFA 22 at a bargain price on the secondhand market or download it for free if you’re an EA Play member. Pesstatsdatabase

6. Fall Guys

PS5 Football Games: beans can be seen kicking a ball

Fall Guys may not seem like a traditional football game, but it offers a unique and entertaining experience. As an online competitive game show, Fall Guys introduces football-inspired challenges in its vibrant bean universe. Fall Ball, for example, requires teams to work together to score goals. While the game deviates from typical football rules, it’s a fun twist on the sport. Fall Guys is free to play on PlayStation and offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to team up with friends on other consoles. Pesstatsdatabase

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Q: Can I play these PS5 football games on other platforms?
A: While some games offer cross-platform compatibility, others are exclusive to the PS5. Make sure to check the game’s specifications before purchasing.

Q: Are these games available for free?
A: Some games, like Rocket League and Fall Guys, are free to play, while others require a purchase. Check the PlayStation Store for more information.

Q: Can I play offline modes in these games?
A: Yes, most of these games offer offline modes, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay without an internet connection.


Pesstatsdatabase has curated a list of the best PS5 football games that cater to a variety of preferences. Whether you’re a fan of realistic gameplay, intense management simulation, or unique twists on the sport, there’s a game for you. Immerse yourself in the world of football and experience the thrill of the game like never before. Don’t miss out on the action—get your hands on these incredible PS5 football games today. Pesstatsdatabase

The Ultimate Guide to the Best PS5 Football Games