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Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: Enhancing Your Football Game

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Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is revolutionizing football training with its cutting-edge technology. This smart ball promises to improve your game by providing immediate feedback on your kicks. However, the price tag may raise some eyebrows.

Playing Like a Pro Comes at a Cost

At a whopping $200, the miCoach Smart Ball is undeniably expensive. This makes it an extravagant choice for individual players, usually reserved for top traveling teams. Nevertheless, for those willing to invest, the Smart Ball offers unparalleled insights into their performance.

Using Bluetooth sensors embedded in the ball, Adidas’ accompanying app provides real-time data on the speed, spin, and curve of each kick. This information is invaluable for players and coaches, helping them to identify and rectify any bad habits.

Technical Aspects and Functionality

The miCoach Smart Ball, complying with FIFA standards, maintains the same size and weight as a regular ball. However, the additional technology embedded inside makes it feel slightly heavier and unbalanced. Despite this minor setback, the Smart Ball goes unnoticed during practice, resembling a regular ball.

Charging the ball is a bit finicky, requiring precise alignment between the ball’s charge symbol and the charger pod. Despite its quirks, the battery lasts for around 2,000 kicks or nearly a week on standby. However, it’s worth mentioning that the absence of a battery indicator is a significant drawback. Adidas claims that the app displays the battery status, but this feature didn’t work during testing.

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App Integration and Training Features

Once the app is paired with the ball via Bluetooth, it unlocks a wealth of features. The app measures stationary kicks, providing statistics and graphical representations of speed, spin, and curve. It also offers tailored training tips and videos, covering various skills and techniques, making it a valuable resource for players of all levels.

The miCoach Smart Ball app includes challenges that allow you to compete against friends or test specific skills. These challenges make training interactive and enjoyable, fostering healthy competition among teammates.


How much does the miCoach Smart Ball cost?

The miCoach Smart Ball is priced at $200, making it a significant investment.

Does the ball feel different from a regular ball during gameplay?

The miCoach Smart Ball maintains the same size and weight as a regular ball, but some users may notice a slight difference due to the embedded technology.

Is there a battery indicator on the ball?

Unfortunately, the miCoach Smart Ball doesn’t feature a battery indicator. The app displays the ball’s battery status, but this feature may not work consistently.


While the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball offers exceptional training capabilities, the high price tag makes it a luxury item for serious players or well-funded teams. However, for those willing to invest, this smart ball provides invaluable feedback to help enhance their skills and improve their game. Whether you aspire to be the next World Cup star or simply want to polish your technique, the miCoach Smart Ball has the potential to take your football journey to new heights. To explore more about the miCoach Smart Ball, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

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