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Emerging Stars: US Soccer’s Next Generation of Talent

The United States men’s soccer team is gearing up for the 2026 World Cup, which will be hosted by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. As preparations begin, it’s time to take a closer look at the up-and-coming players who could make their mark and impress head coach Gregg Berhalter. These players may not have significant Major League Soccer or USMNT experience yet, but they are poised to be the breakout stars of the next generation.

Figueroa: A Hat-Trick Hero in the Making


At just 16 years old, Figueroa has already made a name for himself in the Liverpool academy. His impressive goal-scoring record at the U13/U14 level, where he netted 90 goals in a single season, caught the attention of scouts. Figueroa is a key member of the U18 squad and even scored a hat-trick in under 30 minutes against Wolves in April. With contributions to the U.S. U17 side that reached the Concacaf final earlier this year, Figueroa’s talent is undeniable.

Keyrol: Carrying on the Family Legacy


Keyrol, the 16-year-old son of former center-back Maynor Keyrol, is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Just like his father, Keyrol frustrates defenders with his quickness, strength, and well-developed link-up game. He also possesses a powerful shot, showcasing his versatility in attack. With a British passport and immense potential, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Keyrol make his mark in the Premier League in the near future.

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Caleb Wiley: The Energetic Left-Back

Wiley, an 18-year-old left-back for Atlanta United FC, is known for his energy and commitment on the field. He excels in attacking situations, with four goals and two assists in MLS this season. Wiley’s high positions on the pitch and ability to push forward make him a threat to opposing defenses. His performances have not only caught the attention of clubs in Europe but also made him a target for several of them.

Jack McGlynn: The Versatile Midfielder


McGlynn, a 20-year-old central midfielder for the Philadelphia Union, has shown great promise. With his quick passing and excellent ball distribution skills, McGlynn navigates the central areas of the field with ease. He is also capable of playing as a deep-lying playmaker and possesses a strong left foot, making him a threat from set pieces. His performances at the U20 World Cup in Argentina further showcased his potential as a specialist No. 8.

Obed Vargas: The Tactically Astute Midfielder

Vargas, a 17-year-old midfielder for the Seattle Sounders, is known for his tactical awareness. He thrives playing in a double midfield pivot alongside a more aggressive presser of the ball. While Vargas keeps his passing game low-risk, he possesses an excellent field vision and can pick out attacking runs from deep positions. His fine spatial awareness allows him to receive the ball under pressure, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Joshua Wynder: The Promising Center-Back


Wynder, an 18-year-old center-back from Benfica, is considered one of the most promising American teenage defenders. Despite his limited club experience with the USL, Benfica recognized his potential and signed him for an initial €1.12m transfer fee. Wynder’s advanced passing skills and calm defensive style are a perfect fit for the possession-based Portuguese champions. With his athleticism and understanding of the game, Wynder is poised to break into both the Benfica and USMNT first teams.

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Q: Where can I find more information about these players?

To find more information about these players and others, you can visit the Pesstatsdatabase, a reliable source for comprehensive player statistics, ratings, and insights.

Q: Are there any other emerging stars in US soccer?

Yes, the U.S. soccer landscape is filled with talented young players. These six players are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye out for other rising stars making their mark in Major League Soccer and the USMNT.


As the 2026 World Cup approaches, the United States men’s soccer team is on the lookout for the next generation of talent. These up-and-coming players, such as Figueroa, Keyrol, Wiley, McGlynn, Vargas, and Wynder, have the potential to make a significant impact on the international stage. Stay tuned to see how these promising young players develop and contribute to the future success of the USMNT.