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The Best Football Kits of All Time: Celebrating Football’s Fashionable Icons

best soccer jerseys of all time

Classic football shirts have become fashionable once again. Last summer, during Euro 2020, millions of fans sported their favorite retro jerseys, and even during the current Premier League season, supporters have donned old school kits from their favorite teams.

BBC Sport recently embarked on a mission to determine the best football kit of all time. After much deliberation, they compiled a list of the top 20, which we will explore below.

20. Mexico 1978

Mexico 1978

Echoing the colors of the Mexican flag, Levi’s created this green, red, and white masterpiece for the 1978 World Cup. The deep colors and long sleeves beautifully contrasted the massive hairstyles of players like Leonardo Cuellar and Hugo Sanchez.

19. Belgium 1984

Belgium 1984

The Belgium kit from 1984 was truly unique. With a red background and diamond patterns in the colors of their national flag (red, gold, and black), it remains a beautiful kit even after 36 years.

18. Colombia 1990

Colombia 1990

The Colombian national team brought back this South American stunner for the 2018 World Cup. The glistening yellow jerseys, adorned with little red and blue diagonal stripes, are unforgettable.

17. Barcelona 1997 Away

Barcelona 1997 Away

Barcelona’s 1997 away jersey is instantly recognizable. Sporting a sky-blue color, the shirt features a single stripe in each club color (deep blue and burgundy) running down the right side and across the shoulders.

16. Cameroon 2002

Cameroon 2002

Cameroon’s sleeveless jerseys from 2002, including Samuel Eto’o’s iconic look, were so impressive that they were banned for life. Despite their illegality, these jerseys remain a bold and memorable choice.

15. England Women 2019

England Women 2019

In 2019, the Lionesses launched their unique kit, departing from the men’s version and creating their first-ever distinctive jersey. The home and away kits, in white and red wine respectively, were absolute stunners, known for their neat and uncluttered designs.

14. Boca Juniors 1981

Boca Juniors 1981

The Boca Juniors classic from 1981, with its distinctive blue shirt and thick yellow stripe, remains highly sought after by jersey collectors, even after almost 40 years.

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13. Denmark 1986

Denmark 1986

Denmark’s jersey from their first-ever World Cup appearance in 1986 divided opinion. The “50-50” design, with half-block red and half light-red and white stripes, is unique and still stands out today.

12. Chelsea 1970

Chelsea 1970

Chelsea’s blue and yellow kit from 1970, worn during their FA Cup victory, received a reimagined version during the 50th anniversary celebration of their FA Cup win. The classic design continues to captivate fans.

11. England 1990

England 1990

England’s kits from the memorable Italia 90 tournament were absolute beauties. The “away” blue kit, speckled with white, became a cult classic, while the clean white jersey with a navy blue collar remains equally incredible.

10. Manchester United 1990 Away

Manchester United 1990 Away

Manchester United’s blue and white patterned away kit from 1990, reminiscent of England’s away effort, is still popular among fans today.

9. Ajax 1971

Ajax 1971

Ajax’s white shirt with a thick red vertical stripe is a classic. This kit marked the beginning of the Dutch club’s dominance, winning three consecutive European Cups.

8. Liverpool 1984

Liverpool 1984

Liverpool’s red and white gem from 1984, featuring elegant thin stripes down the front, holds a special place in the hearts of the club’s supporters. The current Liverpool squad has even donned a similar design this season.

7. Arsenal 1991 Away

Arsenal 1991 Away

The original bruised banana kit is an unforgettable icon of Arsenal’s identity. Although the club has recently brought it back, nothing beats the original black and yellow zigzag design.

6. Celtic 1967

Celtic 1967

Celtic’s simple green and yellow hoops from 1967 are forever etched in history. The kit represents their remarkable European Cup victory and has remained largely unchanged since then.

5. Nigeria 2018

Nigeria 2018

Nigeria’s 2018 kit took the world by storm, selling out across the globe within days of its release. With its stunning light-green, black, and white pattern, it captured the hearts of football fans worldwide.

4. England 1966 Away

England 1966 Away

England’s 1966 red away kit holds a special place in football history. This iconic long-sleeved shirt, featuring the Three Lions emblem across the chest, represents England’s only World Cup victory.

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3. West Germany 1990

West Germany 1990

The white kit of West Germany from 1990, embellished with the country’s flag colors (black, red, and gold) across the chest, helped them secure the World Cup. This famous design holds a special place in German football history.

2. Netherlands 1988

Netherlands 1988

The Netherlands finally clinched their first-ever major trophy in 1988 while donning this stunning orange kit. This iconic jersey, forever linked to Marco van Basten’s sensational volley, represents a golden era for Dutch football.

1. Brazil 1970

Brazil 1970

Taking the top spot is Brazil’s 1970 kit, featuring the iconic gold and blue colors. This kit represents one of the greatest teams in World Cup history, with legendary players like Pele. The flashes of green around the neck and arms add to its timeless beauty.


Football kits have become an integral part of the sport’s culture, showcasing style and individuality. The top 20 kits listed above have left an indelible mark on the football world, captivating fans for decades. Whether evoking nostalgia or inspiring awe, these kits have become iconic symbols of the beautiful game.


Q: Where can I find more information about football kits?

A: For more information on football kits, including historical data, player statistics, and comprehensive details on various teams’ kits, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

Q: Are these kits still available for purchase?

A: Some retro kits may be available for purchase through official club websites, specialized sports retailers, or online marketplaces. However, availability may vary depending on the specific kit and team.

Q: Can I wear these kits to support my favorite team?

A: Absolutely! Wearing football kits is a fantastic way to show support for your favorite team and celebrate the history and culture of the sport. Whether it’s a classic retro kit or the latest design, wearing your team’s colors is a great way to demonstrate your passion for football.

Q: Are there any modern kits that could make it onto the list in the future?

A: Football kit designs continue to evolve, and new iconic kits may emerge in the future. As the sport and fashion intersect, teams will continue to produce unique and stylish kits that capture the imagination of fans worldwide. Keep an eye on the latest releases to see what the future holds for football fashion.

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Q: Can I customize football kits with my name and number?

A: Many official club stores, both online and physical, offer the option to customize football kits with your preferred name and number. This allows fans to personalize their kits and create a unique connection to their favorite teams and players. Check with your team’s official store or licensed retailers for customization options.

Q: Which football kit is your personal favorite?

A: As a football enthusiast, I appreciate the history and significance behind each kit. However, if I had to choose one, the Brazil 1970 kit holds a special place in my heart. It represents an era of unparalleled talent and success in the sport. The combination of the iconic colors and the unmistakable flair associated with Brazil’s style of play makes it a truly remarkable kit.

Q: Can I collect football kits as a hobby?

A: Absolutely! Collecting football kits has become a popular hobby for many fans around the world. Whether you collect jerseys from your favorite team, rare and vintage kits, or jerseys from different countries or eras, it’s a great way to celebrate the history and culture of the sport. Start by researching clubs, players, and historical moments to build a unique and valuable collection of football kits.

Q: Are these kits worn by the players or just for fans?

A: The kits listed here are primarily those worn by the players during matches. However, since football kits have become a significant part of the sport’s culture, they are also available for fans to purchase and wear in support of their favorite teams. Many fans proudly wear these kits to show their allegiance and add to the vibrant atmosphere of football matches.

Q: Will there be more articles like this in the future?

A: Absolutely! We will continue to bring you engaging content about football, including articles on kits, players, techniques, and everything else that makes football such a captivating sport. Stay tuned for more informative and exciting content from Pesstatsdatabase.