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Jack Grealish’s Secret to Bulging Calves and Low Sock Style

Jack Grealish, the talented English footballer, has gained attention not only for his skills on the field but also for his distinctive look. One of the most noticeable aspects of his appearance is his massive calves, which have become iconic. In this article, we will dive into the secret behind Grealish’s bulging calves and why he wears his socks so low.

The Genetics Behind the Calves

According to Grealish himself, his bulging calves are purely a result of genetics. He attributes this unique feature to his family, saying, “It’s just something that runs in the family. My grandad always had big calves when he used to play football.” Despite his impressive physique, Grealish reveals that he doesn’t specifically train or do any calf exercises to maintain them. It seems that he has been blessed with this characteristic since a young age.

Jack Grealish's calves

The Superstition of Low Socks

As expected, Grealish’s well-developed calves require him to wear his socks low. However, the reason behind this choice is not solely practical. Grealish confesses that it all started as a superstition. During his time at Aston Villa, the socks provided by the sponsor would often shrink in the wash. This made it difficult for him to pull them up over his calves. Consequently, he began wearing them below his calves during training sessions.

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Interestingly, Grealish believes that this change in sock style brought him luck on the field. He states, “That season I ended up playing really well. So then I started wearing my socks below my calves in games. It was just something that stuck because I’d had such a good season.”

Grealish's bulging calves
Grealish's calves calendar


Jack Grealish’s bulging calves have become an iconic feature of his persona. While he credits genetics for this physical trait, his choice to wear his socks low adds an element of superstition to his style. Whether or not his sock preference truly impacts his performance on the field, it has certainly become part of his trademark look.


1. Does Jack Grealish do specific exercises for his calves?

No, Grealish claims that his bulging calves are purely a result of genetics, and he does not perform any specific exercises or routines to maintain them.

2. Why does Jack Grealish wear his socks so low?

Grealish started wearing his socks below his calves as a superstition. Due to the sponsor-provided socks shrinking in the wash during his time at Aston Villa, he found it difficult to pull them up over his calves. This stylistic choice stuck with him after a successful season.

3. Has Jack Grealish performed well for England in the World Cup?

Grealish has featured in both of England’s World Cup matches so far, albeit as a substitute. He scored a goal in the team’s victory over Iran, but his performance during the goalless clash against the USA was not as impactful.

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