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The Best Soccer Positions for Short Players: Unleashing the Hidden Power

best soccer position for short player

Soccer is a sport that welcomes players of all sizes. However, there are certain positions that short players can truly excel in. Let’s uncover the best soccer positions for short players and explore why these positions suit them so well.

The Best Positions for Short Players in Soccer

In no particular order, the best soccer positions for short players are:

  • Center attacking midfielders (CAM)
  • Wingers
  • Strikers

Let’s dive deeper into why these positions are ideal for short players, the key qualities they need to thrive, and some successful short professional players in these positions.

Central Attacking Midfielder: The Best Position for Short Soccer Players

The central attacking midfielder is positioned between the midfielders and the forwards. Their role is to create goal-scoring opportunities, either by scoring themselves or providing assists for teammates. Short players excel in this position because:

  • They can find pockets of space between opposition midfielders and the defensive line.
  • Short players have better control of the ball in tight areas, thanks to their lower center of gravity.
  • Teams that play with central attacking midfielders prefer a ground-based style of play, which suits shorter players.
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To succeed as a central attacking midfielder, short players should focus on developing the following skills:

  • Movement off the ball: Finding passing lanes and creating space for themselves and teammates.
  • Decision making: Making quick and effective decisions based on the movements of teammates and opponents.
  • Dribbling skills: Taking advantage of their low center of gravity to change direction quickly and outmaneuver defenders.

Some great short central attacking midfielders in soccer include Lionel Messi, Lorenzo Insigne, and Manuel Lanzini.

Winger: The Best Position for Short Soccer Players

Wingers play in the wider areas of the pitch and provide crosses into the box for their teammates. They can also cut inside and drive towards the goal. Short players thrive in this position because:

  • They can use their 1v1 dribbling skills to isolate opposition fullbacks.
  • Shorter players are better at ground-based crosses, which is advantageous for accurate and low crosses.
  • Their agility and quick changes of direction make it easier to run in behind defenders or receive the ball to feet.

To succeed as a winger, short players should focus on the following qualities:

  • 1v1 dribbling skills: Using a variety of skills with quick changes of direction and pace.
  • High-quality crosses: Practicing different types of crosses from various scenarios.
  • Being aware of space to exploit: Creating space for themselves and teammates or playing passes to teammates moving into space.

Some great short professional wingers in soccer include Raheem Sterling, Xherdan Shaqiri, and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Striker: The Best Position for Short Players

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The striker leads the attack and has the main role of scoring goals and assisting teammates. Short players excel in this position because:

  • They can effectively hold up the ball to win free kicks or involve teammates in the play.
  • Short strikers can twist and turn in the box, creating chances out of nothing and forcing defenders to be cautious.
  • Taller defenders find it challenging to quickly turn and face their own goal when confronted by short strikers.

To succeed as a striker, short players should focus on the following qualities:

  • Good finishing: Scoring goals from a variety of areas, both inside and outside the box.
  • Hold up play: Using body positioning to protect the ball and outmuscle defenders.
  • Playing in the defender’s blind spots: Exploiting spaces where defenders cannot see them and making quick, sharp movements.

Some great short strikers in soccer include Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, and Diego Maradona.


Q: Can short players excel in other positions as well?
A: Absolutely! Short players can excel in any position if they possess the necessary skills and qualities. The positions mentioned here are just some of the best-suited positions for short players.

Q: Are there any specific training programs for short players to enhance their skills in these positions?
A: While there are no specific training programs exclusively for short players, focusing on the key skills mentioned in each position can greatly benefit their development. Training sessions that emphasize movement off the ball, decision making, dribbling, finishing, hold up play, and exploiting space can help short players excel in these positions.

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Soccer is a game that transcends size limitations. Short players can shine in various positions, but center attacking midfielders, wingers, and strikers are particularly suited to their strengths. By honing their skills and embracing their unique advantages, short players can make a significant impact on the pitch. Remember, it’s not about your size, but rather the quality and determination you bring to your position.