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Soccer: The Struggles of Robert Lewandowski at Barcelona

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The spotlight has shone brightly on João Félix at Barcelona, but it has also illuminated the struggles of their highest-paid player, Robert Lewandowski. The defending LaLiga champions find themselves in a decent position, but their lackluster performances and Lewandowski’s misfiring form are cause for concern. As we delve into the stats, it is clear that Barcelona’s decline coincides with the decline of their star striker.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Compared to last season, Barcelona’s LaLiga stats have worsened. They have scored fewer goals, conceded more, and accrued fewer points at this stage. In contrast, Lewandowski’s numbers are far from impressive. Since September, he has only scored twice in LaLiga and the Champions League combined. A year ago, he had already found the net 13 times domestically and five times in Europe. This season, those numbers have dwindled to seven and one, respectively.

A Waning Strategy

Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona was fueled by his desire to win the Ballon d’Or, a dream he holds dear. However, his strategy of being the key figure in the rebuilding process of a once-great club has not panned out as expected. Last season, he scored 23 goals in 34 LaLiga matches, but failed to make a significant impact on the Ballon d’Or voting. This disappointment seems to have taken a toll on the ambitious striker.

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A Privileged Situation

Life at Barcelona is not all gloom for Lewandowski. With a comfortable salary that is set to increase each season, he enjoys a privileged existence. However, a mix of personal contentment and a lack of professional drive has affected his performances on the pitch. His work ethic, ball control, and creativity have noticeably dwindled. The once-dependable striker is now synonymous with a heavy first touch.

Xavi’s Dilemma

Coach Xavi faces a dilemma when it comes to Lewandowski’s lackluster performances. While dropping the star striker may send a strong message regarding his form, it could also lead to a full-blown crisis within the team. Barcelona’s financial situation remains a challenge, but the potential arrival of 18-year-old Brazilian striker Vitor Roque could bring a new dynamic to the team. The question remains whether this will inspire Lewandowski to rediscover his form or leave him feeling overshadowed.


Q: What is the current situation at Barcelona?
A: Barcelona is facing a decline in performance, and their highest-paid player, Robert Lewandowski, is struggling to find the back of the net.

Q: Why did Lewandowski move to Barcelona?
A: Lewandowski hoped that his move to Barcelona would help him win the Ballon d’Or and be a key figure in the club’s revival.

Q: How has Lewandowski performed this season?
A: Lewandowski has only scored twice since September, compared to his impressive goal tally at the same stage last season.

Q: What challenges does Xavi face with Lewandowski’s form?
A: Coach Xavi must decide whether to drop Lewandowski to send a message or risk a potential crisis within the team.

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Robert Lewandowski’s struggles at Barcelona are a cause for concern for both the player and the club. While the team’s decline is not solely his fault, his lack of form is evident. Barcelona’s financial situation adds to the pressure, but the potential arrival of Vitor Roque could bring about a positive change. Ultimately, it is up to Lewandowski to rediscover his professional pride and perform at the level expected of him.

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