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The Style Showdown: Liverpool Players at Andy Robertson’s Wedding

andy robertson wife

A photo capturing Liverpool players impeccably dressed at Andy Robertson’s wedding has set tongues wagging. Virgil van Dijk, one of the guests, was tasked with selecting the best-dressed player from this stylish bunch.

A Night to Remember

Andy Robertson tied the knot with his long-term partner, Rachel Roberts, earlier this summer. The star-studded event witnessed several Liverpool teammates gracing the occasion with their presence. The photo, shared by captain Jordan Henderson, captured the camaraderie and elegance radiating from the group.

Virgil’s Verdict

Naturally, the photo sparked a debate among fans, prompting the question of who looked the sharpest. Van Dijk, when asked to choose, graciously declined to pick himself. Instead, he showered compliments on his captain, Henderson, saying, “I think he looked alright, so I have to give him the props.”

However, Van Dijk couldn’t resist commenting on Thiago’s attire, jokingly remarking, “I think Thiago looked like a director of some football club a little bit!”

A Season of Celebrations

Robertson’s wedding wasn’t the only one Van Dijk attended during the summer break. Nathan Ake, another Netherlands international teammate and Manchester City defender, also exchanged vows. Van Dijk explained that the off-season is the ideal time for footballers to tie the knot, and Robertson’s wedding provided the perfect opportunity for Liverpool teammates to reunite.

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Reflecting on the joyous occasion, Van Dijk shared, “There was a lot of love and happiness, and that’s something you just want to be around.”


1. Who was the best-dressed player at Andy Robertson’s wedding?

Virgil van Dijk praised Jordan Henderson for his impeccable style at the event.

2. What did Virgil van Dijk think of Thiago’s outfit?

Van Dijk humorously compared Thiago’s attire to that of a football club director.

3. Did Van Dijk attend any other weddings during the summer break?

Yes, Van Dijk also attended Nathan Ake’s wedding, another Netherlands international teammate.


Andy Robertson’s wedding brought together Liverpool players in a grand celebration of love and friendship. While the debate over the best-dressed player continues, the camaraderie and elegance displayed in the photo exemplify the bond shared by the squad. These footballers not only shine on the field but also know how to make a statement off the pitch.

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