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Playing Soccer in Heavy Weather: What Happens When It Rains?

do they play soccer in the rain

Nature’s beauty can sometimes disrupt our lives, and rain is no exception. But what happens to soccer games when it pours? Soccer enthusiasts often wonder if heavy rain is a reason to cancel or call off a game. Unlike other outdoor sports such as baseball, golf, tennis, and cricket, soccer games are not always canceled due to rain. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of rain on soccer games, the conditions under which games can be called off, and how players adapt to different weather conditions.

Are Soccer Games Canceled for Rain?

Soccer games will continue if it starts to rain before or during a game.Officials carefully monitor the rainfall to ensure safe playing conditions for the players. However, there are situations where games can be canceled. If the rainfall restricts the players’ vision or if the field becomes waterlogged and dangerous, officials may call off the game. During a period of stoppage, officials assess the field conditions using the ball while the players wait off the field. Despite heavy rain and extreme weather conditions, soccer games are generally continued, as the sport is mainly played outdoors with limited schedule changes.

A flooded soccer field after heavy rain in Queensland Australia

What Happens if it Rains During a Soccer Game?

During a soccer game, rain can cause periodic delays. Games have been delayed for over three hours in Major League Soccer to allow time for the rainfall to reduce. Play can also be temporarily stopped due to fog, heavy rain, thunderstorms, or serious injuries. It is ultimately the game official’s judgment to decide if the conditions are suitable for gameplay. The ball’s movement along the turf is often used as an indicator of whether the field is waterlogged. Rain primarily affects the turf, and as long as the players’ vision is not impaired, the game continues.

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One notable example occurred during the 1999-2000 season when Juventus played against Perugia. Despite poor field conditions due to heavy rain, the game continued. Juventus lost the game, leading to their defeat in the Scudetto (league title) race against Lazio.

What Happens if a Soccer Match is Abandoned due to Rain?

Games are only canceled in extreme conditions. After field assessment and determining the playability of the surface, games can be canceled if the ball cannot roll freely. Youth levels and non-professional teams are more likely to have games called off due to rain, as professional fields are designed to handle large amounts of rainfall. The stadiums offer some protection from wind and other elements.

The rain on this turf would have stopped any pro game

Soccer Field Problems and Rain

In association soccer, a waterlogged field can make playing impossible. The ball struggles to roll freely, posing a risk of injury and causing damage to the field. Such situations arise during extended periods of rain, floods, or poor drainage systems. Additionally, games can be called off due to the presence of thunderstorms and lightning, which jeopardize the safety of players and spectators. Thunder and lightning storms have resulted in canceled games, such as the A-league game in Australia, where Brett Emerton’s anticipated match against Perth Glory was postponed due to the inability of his hometown side to travel.

Weather Problems in Soccer

Throughout the history of soccer, there have been instances where games were canceled or postponed due to extreme weather conditions. In 2012, both the Scottish Football League (SFL) and Serie A experienced canceled games due to heavy snowfall, rendering the field unplayable. Floods also caused game cancellations, such as the Juventus and Naples games in 2011. France also experienced a canceled game between PSG and Brest due to poor weather conditions. Even international games, like the match between Poland and England, have been canceled due to unplayable field conditions. Extreme heat has also led to game cancellations, as seen in the match between Perth Glory and Melbourne FC.

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Can Soccer Players Train in the Rain?

Managers, coaches, and players have different rules regarding training in different weather conditions. Teams need to consider the weather conditions when playing away games, as they can significantly impact their style of play and tactics. For example, teams playing in Russia must adapt to icy conditions, while players in the Middle East need to manage heat exhaustion. Outdoor practice sessions can be canceled if the conditions are unfavorable. The weather plays a vital role in a player’s fitness and preparation for games.

Playing Soccer in Heavy Weather

Despite adverse weather conditions, soccer games can still be played if officials deem them playable. From snowy to rainy and muddy conditions, soccer has been played all over the world in various weather scenarios. However, it is always safer for players and spectators to have games played in better conditions. Weather forecasts can help prepare both players and fans before a game takes place.

Heavy Weather and the Physical Demands

Soccer is a physically demanding game that tests players’ adaptability to different field conditions. Players must adjust their psychology and game plan according to the weather. For instance, playing on a wet field requires a different approach to passing and shooting. The conditions may require lifting the ball from the ground to maintain momentum. Regardless of the weather, soccer remains an exciting game that challenges players in various ways.

Q: Are soccer games canceled if it rains?
A: Soccer games are usually not canceled due to rain. Officials assess the conditions and consider factors such as restricted vision and waterlogged fields.

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Q: Can soccer players train in the rain?
A: Training in the rain depends on the team’s policies and the coach’s preferences. However, outdoor practice sessions may be canceled if the conditions are unfavorable.

Q: What happens if a soccer match is abandoned due to rain?
A: Games are abandoned only in extreme conditions where the ball cannot roll freely on the field. Non-professional teams are more likely to have games called off due to rain.

Rain can certainly impact soccer games, but they are rarely canceled solely due to weather conditions. Soccer games continue as long as it is safe for the players, with officials closely monitoring the situation. While heavy rain and extreme weather can affect the playing conditions, soccer enthusiasts can expect games to be played with adjustments made as necessary. Soccer players and fans alike cherish the excitement of the game, regardless of the weather. So, whether it’s a light drizzle or a downpour, embrace the beauty of soccer in any weather.