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The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Boot Brands: A-Z

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Who doesn’t love a little extra education when it comes to boots and boot brands? With some free time on our hands, we decided to piece together a complete list of influential boot brands that have played a significant role in the world of soccer. This ever-evolving list is a comprehensive resource for all football enthusiasts.

A – Z: The Complete List

A – Adidas, Asics, Admiral, Arrow, Aspero, Apta, Akuna Cinquestelle

Adidas needs no introduction. Founded in 1924, this German brand is one of the most influential soccer footwear companies globally. Asics, on the other hand, owned a significant share of the Asian boot market before scaling back their presence in recent years. Admiral, an English brand, has been producing budget-friendly soccer kits since the 1960s. Apta, an Italian brand, offers classic-style boots. Aspero, a German brand that operated from 2011 to 2014, released the tech-heavy Aspero Classic boot. Akuna Cinquestelle is a fourth-generation family-run Italian company that handcrafts soccer shoes.

B – Brooks, Bata, Brine, Bikkembergs

Brooks, known for their running shoes, found success in the soccer boot market in the early ’90s. Bata is a Malaysian brand, while Brine, known for soccer balls, has ventured into boots with limited success. Bikkembergs, a Belgian brand, combines fashion with soccer footwear.

C – Concave, Converse, Cruyff, Charly, Calzature King

Concave, an Australian brand, produces boots with a distinctive shot shield. Converse, a US fashion brand, released soccer boots in the ’80s. Cruyff Sports, based in Holland, celebrates the legendary Johan Cruyff with iconic boot silos. Charly, an athletic apparel company from Mexico, has been around since the 1950s. Calzature King, established in the 1980s in Italy, specializes in the production, wholesale, and retail of soccer footwear.

D – Diadora, Dunlop, Danese Calzature

Diadora, an Italian brand founded in 1948, is known for producing top-quality soccer footwear. Dunlop, primarily known for car tires, also tried its hand at making boots in the ’70s and ’80s. Danese Calzature, an Italian company, specializes in manufacturing sports shoes entirely made in Italy.

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E – Errea, Eescord

Errea, an Italian sportswear company, gained recognition through their partnership with Iceland’s national team. Eescord, a Mexican brand, is known for their Adolfo Bautista boots.

F – Fila

Fila, originally from Italy but now a South Korean brand, released several soccer boots with limited success.

G – Gola, Gavic

Gola, originally known as the Bozeat Boot Company, is an English brand that produced iconic boots in the ’70s and ’80s. Gavic is an Asian brand specializing in soccer and indoor soccer footwear.

H – Hummel, Hi-Tec

Hummel, a Danish boot brand established in 1923, continues to produce quality boots. Hi-Tec, founded in the UK, is better known as a multi-sport brand but has also created low-tier soccer boots.

I – Inter

Inter, an English brand, produced running shoes and classic-style soccer shoes.

J – Joma

Joma, a Spanish sports clothing brand, produces high-quality soccer boots and is renowned for their futsal footwear.

K – Kappa, Kelme, Kronos

Kappa, an Italian brand, is famous for their soccer kits but has also produced low-priced boots. Kelme, a Spanish sportswear company founded in 1963, specializes in low-end soccer boots. Kronos, active in the ’80s and ’90s, released boots for players like Hristo Stoichkov and Gabriel Batistuta.

L – Lotto, Ligne 7, Lanzera, Le Coq Sportif, Legacy Boot Co.

Lotto, an Italian sportswear brand, continues to produce a mix of premium leather and technologically advanced boots. Ligne 7, active in the early ’90s, released professional-style leather boots. Lanzera, an Italian-inspired brand based in the US, sponsored young American players such as John Harkes and Claudio Reyna. Le Coq Sportif, a French producer of athletic shoes and sportswear, is not currently known for producing soccer footwear. Legacy Boot Co., an American brand, focuses on traditional-style boots without the flashiness of modern releases.

M – Mizuno, Mitre, Munich, Manriquez, Milémil

Mizuno, founded in 1906, is a leading soccer footwear brand known for producing high-quality boots in Japan. Mitre, an English sports company established in 1817, is renowned for producing high-quality soccer balls. Munich, a Spanish brand founded in 1939, excels in futsal and indoor footwear. Manriquez, a Mexican brand with nearly 50 years of experience, produces quality and affordable boots. Milémil, a French company, keeps traditional boots alive with fine quality leather lined with organic cotton.

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N – Nike, New Balance, Nomis

Nike, an American brand founded in 1964, is one of the leading soccer footwear brands in the world. New Balance, an American brand established in 1906, has emerged as one of the top soccer brands in recent years. Nomis, an Australian football shoe manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

O – Olympic

Olympic, a South African brand founded in 1918, made its mark in soccer footwear in 1994.

P – Puma, Patrick, Pony, Pantofola d’oro, Penalty, Pele Sports, Power, Pirma, Pan

Puma, a German brand founded in 1948, is one of the leading soccer footwear brands globally. Patrick, a French brand, produces traditional-style soccer footwear. Pony, an American brand, had a brief foray into soccer footwear in 2003. Pantofola d’oro, established in Italy in 1886, embodies precise craftsmanship and Italian style. Penalty, a Brazilian company founded in 1970, experimented with QR code boots in 2011. Pele Sports, an American brand honoring Pele, had a short lifespan despite releasing artistic boots. Power, an English company active in the ’70s, produced high-quality boots at affordable prices. Pirma, a Mexican brand founded in 1990, specializes in low-priced soccer footwear. Pan, established in 1977, produces low-end soccer and futsal boots.

Q – Quasar, Quick

Quasar, an English brand active in the early ’90s, produced synthetic boots endorsed by Gary Lineker. Quick, a Dutch brand founded in 1905, ceased producing soccer footwear in 1992.

R – Reebok, Ryal, Retrostar Classic

Reebok, an English-born American brand, stopped producing soccer footwear in 2005 after merging with Adidas. Ryal, an Italian brand founded in 1950, handcrafts high-quality leather boots. Retrostar Classic, a German brand established in 2012, sells boots through a custom van traveling across Germany.

S – Sondico, Stylo Matchmakers, Specs, Serafino

Sondico, originally founded in India, relocated to England in 1970. They continue to produce low-tier soccer footwear. Stylo Matchmakers, known for supplying boots to football legends like George Best and Kevin Keegan, made a mini-comeback in recent years. Specs, an Indonesian brand, has been active since the 1980s. Serafino, an English-based brand, creates uniquely designed boots.

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T – Topper, Tepa Sport

Topper, a reputable South American brand, is prominent in Brazil and Argentina. Tepa Sport, an Italian brand active in the 1980s, produced quality soccer footwear and apparel.

U – Umbro, Under Armour, Uhlsport, Unozero

Umbro, an English sportswear and football equipment supplier founded in 1924, is currently refocusing its brand after a 2007 Nike buyout. Under Armour, an American brand formed in 1996, offers soccer boots but has remained relatively quiet in recent years. Uhlsport, a German company famous for their gloves, has produced soccer boots with varying success. Unozero, a new American brand formed in 2019, provides players with a premium boot and an exceptional experience.

V – Valsport, Vizari

Valsport, an Italian footwear brand established in 1920, was popular between 1920 and 1940. Vizari Sport USA, founded in 1998, focuses on producing low-cost soccer footwear.

W – Warrior Sports

Warrior Sports, an American brand known for their Lacrosse gear, briefly released boots in 2012 before being acquired by New Balance.

X – X-Blades

X-Blades, an Australian brand primarily focusing on Rugby and AFL, created a range of soccer hybrid boots in 2013.

Y – Yasuda

Yasuda, a Japanese brand established in 1932, is recognized for manufacturing soccer shoes.

Z – Zygo

Zygo Sports, an Australian brand, released the Zygo Deztruct in 2010. While radical, these boots found a market in Australia.


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This comprehensive list of soccer boot brands covers the A-Z of the industry. From well-known brands like Adidas and Nike to niche brands like Ryal and Legacy Boot Co., there is a wide range of options for every football player and enthusiast. Explore the world of soccer footwear and find the perfect boots to enhance your game.

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