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Soccer Fitness Trackers – Embracing the Future

The World Cup showcases cutting-edge technology that improves the game and enhances player performance. Among the thrilling advancements, soccer fitness trackers have become a fascinating topic of discussion. These inconspicuous devices, hidden beneath sports bra-like tops that players don after removing their jerseys, hold the key to unlocking crucial fitness data.

Contrary to what some may believe, these fitness trackers are not exclusive to elite players like Harry Kane. They are readily available to anyone interested in maximizing their performance on the field. In this article, we will delve into the world of soccer fitness trackers, exploring the best options and the various ways they can benefit players of all levels.

Marcelo Brozovic wearing the STATSports Soccer Tracker - Check out his stats from Croatia’s match against Japan.

Fitness Trackers For Soccer

According to experts at, the two most exceptional trackers on the market are the Catapult Plyr Smart Soccer Tracker and the STATsport APEX Athlete Soccer Tracker. These devices employ top-of-the-line technology trusted by leading players, coaches, and teams, including the LA Galaxy, West Ham United, and Brazil’s World Cup squad. Prominent figures such as Harry Kane and Meghan Rapinoe also rely on these trackers to enhance their performance. Moreover, FIFA authorizes their use during official matches, attesting to their reliability and accuracy.

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Both trackers are worn using a harness, positioning the device between the shoulder blades for optimal data collection.

These tiny but powerful computers are worn between your shoulder blades

How Do Soccer GPS & Fitness Trackers Work?

These fitness trackers meticulously gather data on various aspects of your game, such as running intensity, distance covered, sprint count, sprint speed, and most importantly, your position on the field throughout the match. For instance, Catalyst’s device collects a staggering 10 data points per second, while STATSports compiles 16. Over the course of a game or training session, these trackers accumulate millions of bits of information.

However, understanding this vast amount of data doesn’t require a degree in data science. The trackers sync seamlessly with a smartphone app that breaks down the information, revealing your strengths and areas for improvement. For instance, analyzing your sprint speed can provide insights into your fitness level. If your speed diminishes towards the end of a match, it may indicate the need for further training in that area. Heat map reports also help identify whether you are positioning yourself correctly on the field to contribute effectively to your team’s success.

Argentinian World Cup team member Nicolas Otamendi wearing Catapult’s soccer tracker

You’ll Know Where You Rank Among Your Peers Too

Beyond its analytical capabilities, these fitness trackers add a competitive element to training. With built-in leaderboards, you can compare your performance against your peers and even elite players like Harry Kane and Meghan Rapinoe. This gamification aspect enhances motivation and encourages players to push their limits.

It’s worth noting that current soccer fitness trackers do not monitor heart and respiration rates. However, as technology progresses, these additional metrics may become available, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of player fitness. Welcome to the realm of 21st-century sports training!

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They’re Not The Only New Tech in Soccer

While soccer fitness trackers steal the spotlight, other cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the sport. For instance, the Playmaker, a rubber band-like strap fitted over the heel of your shoes, tracks metrics such as running speed, distance covered, dribbles, and passes. These metrics are collected by sensors and gyroscopes embedded within the device, which then syncs with a smartphone app for performance tracking and comparison with other players.

Track passes, shots, and ball possession

Munin Sports M Station Talent represents another groundbreaking innovation. By using your phone, this rebounder tracks every pass and shot you take during the 100+ drills it offers, eliminating the need for dilapidated garage walls that often acted as makeshift rebounders in the past.

Another exciting technology is the Humanox HUOX 50 shin guards. These advanced shin guards not only provide protection but also house a myriad of sensors, microphones, and other components to measure vital statistics like running speed, heart rate, pass count, and shots on goal.

What Coaches and Trainers Say About Soccer Fitness Trackers

“We monitor players with everything they do — which they don’t like very often — but it’s the way we can optimize their performance, keep them healthy, and not get anyone injured.” – Chris Henderson, Technical Director at Seattle Sounders.

“There’s a lot of metrics. The ones that we’re most interested in are total distance, acceleration, high metabolic load distance, high-speed running.” – Austin Berry, Strength Coach of FC Cincinnati.

“If you’re wondering why a defender was beaten, you can look at the wearables’ data and see which direction they were facing at the time.” – Chris Barnes, Sports Science Consultant, and Premier League teams collaborator.

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Q: Are soccer fitness trackers only for professional players?
A: No, they are available for players of all levels, allowing anyone to optimize their performance on the field.

Q: Can soccer fitness trackers monitor heart and respiration rates?
A: Currently, these trackers do not measure heart and respiration rates, but future advancements may introduce these capabilities.

Q: What other new technologies are used in soccer?
A: Apart from fitness trackers, other technologies like shoe-mounted sensors and smart shin guards offer valuable insights and performance tracking.


Gone are the days when groundbreaking sports technology was reserved for professional teams with sizable budgets. With the decreasing costs and increasing power of technology, these remarkable advancements are now within reach for anyone with a smartphone. Embrace the future of soccer training and unlock your full potential with soccer fitness trackers.

Disclaimer: This article is written in association with Pesstatsdatabase.