Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

Charlotte Football Coach Creates a Stir in the City

Football Coach Attire

Charlotte football coach Francis “Biff” Poggi recently made waves in the city when he appeared as a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Charlotte. Even before uttering a word, Poggi left a lasting impression on the audience with his unique attire. Dressed in gold Nike athletic shorts and a customized “Charlotte football” T-shirt, complete with missing sleeves and a slashed neckline, Poggi stood out amongst the more traditionally dressed Rotarians.

Excusing his dress, Poggi made it clear that his casual attire was a reflection of his coaching style. As a hedge fund manager-turned-college coach, Poggi brings a fresh approach to the Charlotte football team. With a background in coaching at the University of Michigan under Jim Harbaugh and leading successful high school football programs in Baltimore, Poggi is determined to turn the Charlotte 49ers into a winning team.

A Promising Start

Poggi’s speech at the Rotary Club was met with enthusiasm as he connected with the audience on a personal level. He acknowledged their traditions and assured them that the national anthem would always be played before Charlotte football games, with no players kneeling. Poggi’s authentic and passionate approach resonated with the crowd.

A New Era for Charlotte Football

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Taking over a team that has struggled to find success in recent years, Poggi aims to transform the Charlotte football program. With 52 new players joining the team this year, Poggi plans to implement an old-school, run-first offense and a physically tough defense. He is confident that these changes, along with his coaching style, will lead the team to victory.

Poggi’s ultimate goal is to bring Charlotte football to the College Football Playoffs. Having experienced the playoffs during his time at Michigan, Poggi is determined to replicate that success with the 49ers. He firmly believes that the team can achieve greatness and bring pride to the city of Charlotte.

A Call for Support

Poggi has not been shy about calling out local businesses and leaders for their lack of financial support for the team. He believes that the success of the University of Charlotte and its football program is essential for the city. Poggi emphasizes the importance of the community coming together to support the team and ensure its success.


How does Poggi prioritize academics?

Poggi closely monitors the academic progress of his players. Each Thursday, he receives an academic report on each player, which he color codes based on their performance. Those who receive yellow or red markings do not practice or play. Poggi’s commitment to academic success has seen an improvement in player grades and a higher graduation rate.

What is Poggi’s plan for recruiting local talent?

Poggi recognizes the abundance of high school football talent in North Carolina. Before taking the Charlotte job, he conducted research that revealed over 200 Power 5 football players from big conferences lived within 90 minutes of Charlotte. However, currently, none of them are on Charlotte’s roster. Poggi aims to change that by convincing the best local players to stay home and play for their city.

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How does Poggi instill resilience in his players?

Poggi draws inspiration from a parable told by Jesus in the Book of Matthew. He emphasizes the importance of building a program on a solid foundation, comparing the strength of a rock to withstand adversity. Poggi encourages his players to view setbacks as temporary and to focus on their response and growth moving forward.


With Biff Poggi at the helm, Charlotte football is set for an exciting and transformative journey. As the team prepares for the upcoming season, Poggi’s passion, expertise, and commitment to building strong individuals both on and off the field will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. Charlotte football has found a coach who believes in the power of the team and the potential of the city.

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