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FIFA 23 Tallest Players: The Rise of the Giants

The 2022/23 football season is in full swing, and with it comes a resurgence of the target man up front. For years, smaller, agile players have dominated the meta in FIFA, leaving little room for the classic route one style of play. But this year, the big man might just have a chance to shine, thanks to the addition of FUT Hero Peter Crouch. Let’s take a closer look at the tallest players in FIFA 23.

Tomas Holy (6′ 7″)

Tomas Holy

Standing tall at six feet seven inches (206 cm), Tomas Holy claims the title of the tallest player in FIFA 23. Originally from Sparta Prague, this Czech goalkeeper now plays for League Two club Carlisle United in England.

Matt Macey (6′ 7″)

Not far behind is former Arsenal goalkeeper Matt Macey, also standing at an impressive six feet seven inches (205 cm). Although he struggled to secure a regular place in Arsenal’s first team, the 27-year-old has found a new home in Championship club Luton Town.

Isaak Toure (6’6″)

Breaking the goalkeeper streak, Isaak Toure represents Marseille in Ligue 1. At 19 years old and towering at six feet six inches (204 cm), this young defender shows true potential and is set to make a mark in Europe’s top-flight leagues.

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Fejsal Mulic (6’6″)

At six feet six inches tall (203 cm), Fejsal Mulic is a classic target man center-forward. The Serbian footballer, who plays for K League 1 side Seongnam, will be a formidable opponent for even the strongest defenders in FIFA 23.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (6’6″)

Serbian goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic stands tall at an imposing six feet six inches (202 cm). Currently playing in Serie A for Torino, this giant shot-stopper is a force to be reckoned with between the sticks.

Peter Crouch (6’5″)

Peter Crouch

Former England international Peter Crouch is making his return to the FIFA series as a FUT Hero in Ultimate Team. Known for his lanky figure and iconic “Robot” celebration, the 6’5″ (196 cm) striker will undoubtedly bring some fun and laughter to FUT 23.

Fraser Forster (6’5″)

Southampton goalkeeper Fraser Forster is a formidable presence, standing at six feet five inches (201 cm) with broad shoulders. Although he now plays for Spurs, he will play second fiddle to France international captain Hugo Lloris this season.

Thibaut Courtois (6’5″)

Thibaut Courtois may be an unsung hero in the goalkeeper debate, but his performances last season proved he is one of the best in the world. At six feet five inches (195 cm), the Belgian shot-stopper is rightfully among the highest-rated players in Real Madrid’s squad in FIFA 23.

Nick Pope (6’5″)

England international goalkeeper Nick Pope has joined Newcastle after a summer switch from relegated Burnley. Standing at six feet five inches (199 cm), Pope’s solid goalkeeping skills, combined with his imposing height, make him a reliable presence in net.

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Edouard Mendy (6’6″)

Senegalese goalkeeper Edouard Mendy has been a standout performer since joining Chelsea from Rennes in 2020. Standing tall at six feet six inches (200 cm), Mendy has won both the UEFA Champions League and the African Cup of Nations, cementing his reputation as one of the best in the game.


Q: Is Peter Crouch the tallest player in FIFA 23?
A: No, Tomas Holy holds the title of the tallest player in FIFA 23, standing at six feet seven inches (206 cm).

Q: Are there any non-goalkeepers among the tallest players?
A: Yes, Isaak Toure, a defender for Marseille, is one of the tallest players in FIFA 23 at six feet six inches (204 cm).

Q: Which leagues do the tallest players in FIFA 23 play in?
A: The tallest players in FIFA 23 can be found in various leagues, including the English Football League, French Ligue 1, and Italian Serie A.


As the 2022/23 football season kicks off, FIFA 23 introduces a new wave of giants who are ready to dominate the virtual pitch. From towering goalkeepers to commanding center-forwards, these players bring a new dimension to the game. Whether you’re unleashing long balls or defending against aerial threats, the tallest players in FIFA 23 are set to make an impact. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to experience the power of the giants on your FIFA journey.

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