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Goalkeeper Suspended: San Antonio FC Suffers Blow Ahead of Key Matches

San Antonio FC’s starting goalkeeper, Josh Ford, has been handed a three-match suspension following his involvement in a scuffle during a match against Oklahoma City Energy FC. Ford received a straight red card for his actions, resulting in the suspension from the United Soccer League (USL). Originally facing a four-match ban, Ford successfully appealed and had his punishment reduced to three matches.

Typically, a straight red card warrants a one-match ban, but in cases of violent conduct, like the one Ford was dismissed for, longer suspensions are imposed. In contrast, Michael Thomas, the midfielder involved in the incident, only received a mandatory one-week suspension.

Ford’s suspension means he will miss three significant matches that can determine San Antonio FC’s season. The team will face Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, the current Western Conference leaders, at Toyota Field on July 16, followed by a clash against third-placed LA Galaxy II on July 23. The third match will take place in Kansas City against Swope Park Rangers on July 30.

Without Ford, San Antonio FC will face challenges. Ford has proven his worth, conceding one goal or less in 14 out of 15 matches and making 43 saves. His replacement, Matt Cardone, who has limited playing time, has conceded three goals and made three saves. It is a tough task to fill Ford’s shoes, but Cardone remains optimistic and ready for the challenge.

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San Antonio FC fans can still purchase tickets for the upcoming match against Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, which will take place on August 6 in California. The team will undoubtedly miss Ford’s presence, but they are determined to win and secure crucial points.

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1. Why was Josh Ford suspended?
Josh Ford was handed a three-match suspension due to his involvement in a scuffle during a match against Oklahoma City Energy FC. He received a straight red card for his actions.

2. How many matches will Josh Ford miss?
Josh Ford will miss three matches due to his suspension. These matches include clashes against Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, LA Galaxy II, and Swope Park Rangers.

3. Who will replace Josh Ford during his suspension?
Matt Cardone will step in as the goalkeeper during Josh Ford’s suspension. Cardone has limited playing time but is prepared to contribute to the team’s success.


San Antonio FC will face a crucial period without their starting goalkeeper, Josh Ford, who has been suspended for three matches. The team will need to rely on their replacement, Matt Cardone, to maintain their form and secure valuable points in matches against tough opponents. Despite the setback, San Antonio FC remains determined to achieve success and continue their strong performance throughout the season.

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