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DeAndre Yedlin: Embracing New Beginnings in the MLS

DeAndre Yedlin, the talented USMNT star, has made a triumphant return to Major League Soccer (MLS) after spending seven years in Europe. This unexpected move has brought Yedlin back to his roots and reignited his passion for the game. In this article, we’ll explore why Yedlin is thrilled about his MLS return and the impact it could have on his career.

A Surprising Career Move

Yedlin’s journey began when he signed with Tottenham in the English Premier League after an impressive performance in the 2014 World Cup. He spent the next seven seasons in England before making a surprising move to Galatasaray in Istanbul. This decision took him to a new continent and introduced him to a whole new set of challenges.

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A Unique Experience in Istanbul

Yedlin’s time in Istanbul was marked by both awe-inspiring moments and moments of solitude. He marveled at the vibrant city, with its unfamiliar language and the call to prayer echoing through the streets. Living in a high-rise apartment, he often found himself immersed in a professional bubble, navigating the bustling city in a limo with a dedicated driver.

Despite the cultural differences, Yedlin cherished the experience. Coming from a country where Islamophobia was prevalent, he was moved by the sight of mosques on every block. He saw this as an opportunity to broaden his horizons and challenge stereotypes. Istanbul provided him with a unique perspective and a newfound appreciation for diversity.

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A Different Reality

While Yedlin yearned to fully embrace the local culture, his professional commitments often kept him isolated. He spent most of his time in a different reality, with on-field performances dictating his daily routine. Nevertheless, Yedlin’s introspective nature allowed him to find meaning in every experience, both on and off the field. His tattoos, his music choices, and his upbringing all shape his identity and demonstrate the importance of his journey.

Embracing His Identity

Yedlin’s journey to self-acceptance is rooted in his unconventional upbringing. Raised by his maternal grandparents, he navigated a childhood marked by parental absence and familial tensions. However, Yedlin believes that these experiences have shaped him into the person he is today. He has embraced his unique heritage, which combines Jewish, African American, and Native American roots, challenging preconceived notions and stereotypes.

The MLS Return

After his successful tenure in Europe, Yedlin has returned to the MLS to join Inter Miami. The decision to return to the United States was influenced by several factors. Miami provided a favorable environment for Yedlin, as the team was in need of a starting right-back. Additionally, Yedlin’s family had already relocated to the East Coast, making the move an ideal fit for both his personal and professional life.

One exciting aspect of joining Inter Miami is the opportunity to work alongside David Beckham, the team’s part-owner. Yedlin, who has an interest in the fashion industry, views this as a chance to learn from an industry icon. The MLS return signifies a new chapter in Yedlin’s career, one that combines his passion for the game with his aspirations beyond the field.

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Q: Has Yedlin ever played for a Turkish club before joining Galatasaray?

No, Yedlin’s move to Galatasaray marked his first experience playing for a Turkish club.

Q: Why did Yedlin decide to return to the MLS?

Yedlin chose to return to the MLS for personal and professional reasons. Miami provided a favorable environment, and the opportunity to work alongside David Beckham was too enticing to pass up.

Q: Did Yedlin face any challenges during his time in Europe?

Yedlin faced various challenges during his time in Europe, including adjusting to the speed and intensity of the Premier League. However, he persevered and found success both at Sunderland and Galatasaray.


DeAndre Yedlin’s return to the MLS marks a significant turning point in his career. After seven years in Europe, he is excited to be back on American soil, ready to embark on a new chapter. His journey from Seattle to Europe and now to Miami is a testament to his resilience and determination. As Yedlin continues to embrace his unique identity and chase his dreams, there is no doubt that he will leave a lasting impact on the beautiful game.

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