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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Family: A Glimpse into the Soccer Star’s Life

Soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is not only known for his extraordinary skills on the field but also for his loving family. Let’s take a closer look at Ronaldo’s family life and his adorable kids.

How Many Kids Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have?

The Portuguese athlete is a proud father of four children. His oldest son, Cristiano Jr., was born in June 2010. Affectionately known as “Cristianinho,” he is already following in his father’s footsteps and making waves in youth soccer squads.

In June 2017, Ronaldo revealed that he had fathered twins, daughter Eva and son Matteo, through a surrogate mother in the United States. Then, in November 2017, Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, welcomed their daughter, Alana Martina.

The couple’s love for their children is evident, and in October 2021, they announced that Georgina was pregnant with twins again. The genders of the twins, a boy and a girl, were revealed in a delightful gender reveal video.

Cristiano Ronaldo's children

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Married?

Although Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have been together since 2017, they are not married. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have plans for the future. In a documentary about Georgina’s life, she was asked about her wedding plans with Ronaldo, to which she responded that it doesn’t depend on her but that she wishes for it.

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Before his relationship with Georgina, Ronaldo had been linked romantically to Irina Shayk, Paris Hilton, and even had a night out with Kim Kardashian in 2010.

Who Is the Mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Kids?

While Cristiano Ronaldo has full custody of his oldest son, Cristiano Jr., he has been tight-lipped about the identity of his birth mother. Ronaldo has made it clear that he will reveal the truth to his son when the time is right, as he believes his son deserves to know. He has also shared that fatherhood has been a personal and transformative journey for him.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez


Q: How many kids does Cristiano Ronaldo have?
A: Cristiano Ronaldo has four children: Cristiano Jr., twins Eva and Matteo, and Alana Martina.

Q: Is Cristiano Ronaldo married?
A: No, Cristiano Ronaldo is not married, but he has been in a long-term relationship with Georgina Rodriguez.

Q: Who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s kids?
A: The identity of Cristiano Jr.’s birth mother remains undisclosed by Ronaldo.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s family holds a special place in his heart. As a dedicated father, he cherishes every moment with his children. Despite his success on the football pitch, Ronaldo values family above all. To learn more about Ronaldo’s professional statistics and achievements, check out Pesstatsdatabase.