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The New Season Begins: Changes to Watch Out for in the Premier League

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The Premier League is back, and with it comes a series of changes that are set to shake up the game. From longer matches to a crackdown on time-wasting and stricter punishments for bad behavior, this season promises to be an exciting one for football fans. So, what should you be looking out for as the new season kicks off?

Longer Matches: Increasing Effective Playing Time

One major change this season is the focus on increasing effective playing time. In recent years, playing time has been decreasing in football, leading to shorter matches. To address this, referees will now be adding on more time for goals, substitutions, and other stoppages. The aim is to ensure that players are actively engaged in the game for a longer period. While this doesn’t mean non-stop running for 90 minutes, it does mean a higher percentage of time spent on active play.


Clampdown on Time-Wasting Tactics

Another area of focus this season is time-wasting. Referees will be taking stricter action against players who deliberately try to delay the restart of play or waste time. This includes actions such as kicking the ball away, delaying goal kicks, and feigning injuries. Players who go down with apparent injuries will now have to leave the field for a minimum of 30 seconds before returning, discouraging tactical breaks. The goal is to ensure a more flowing and uninterrupted game.

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Improved Player Behavior and Respect for Referees

The sight of players surrounding the referee to protest a decision has become all too common in recent years. This season, there will be a strict code of conduct in place to address this behavior. Players who engage in disrespectful or confrontational behavior towards referees will be cautioned and reported to the Football Association. Captains will also be responsible for the conduct of their teammates, and any physical contact with an official will result in an automatic yellow card.

Responsible Coaching Behavior

Coaches will also have to adhere to a code of conduct in the technical area. Running onto the pitch to protest decisions or displaying improper behavior will not be tolerated. Only one member of the coaching staff will be allowed to stand at the front of the technical area, and any breach of this rule will result in a booking. Managers who are sent off will not be able to watch the rest of the game from the stands and will be banned from post-match press conferences.

VAR Audio Presentations and Future Technological Innovations

Following a successful trial last season, the Premier League will continue to provide audio presentations of VAR interactions and explanations of referee decisions. This insight into the decision-making process will be available monthly. While the Premier League has not yet implemented semi-automated offside technology, discussions are ongoing, and further improvements to the officiating process are expected.

Concussion Protocols and Player Welfare

Player safety is a top priority, and stricter protocols have been put in place for head injuries. Any player who is removed from a game due to a head injury will be unable to play for a minimum of seven days, with the possibility of a longer absence. This emphasis on player welfare demonstrates the commitment to responsible concussion management.

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These are just some of the changes that fans can expect in the upcoming Premier League season. With an increased focus on fair play, respect for officials, and improved player welfare, the beautiful game is set to become even more exciting and enjoyable for all involved.


Q: Where can I find more information on the Premier League?
A: For the latest news, stats, and information about the Premier League, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

Q: Are these changes exclusive to the Premier League?
A: While these changes are specific to the Premier League, the focus on improving the game and increasing fair play is a goal shared by football associations worldwide.

Q: Will these changes impact the overall length of matches?
A: The aim is not to significantly lengthen matches, but rather to ensure that more time is spent on active play. The increase in effective playing time is expected to be moderate and should not drastically alter the duration of matches.


As the Premier League returns, football fans can look forward to a season brimming with excitement and change. From longer matches to a crackdown on time-wasting and improved behavior on and off the pitch, the beautiful game is evolving to become an even more engaging and fair experience for players and fans alike. So, grab your favorite jersey, settle into your seat, and get ready for the thrills and surprises that the new season has in store.