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Romelu Lukaku: The Multilingual Football Prodigy

Video how many languages does lukaku speak

how many languages does lukaku speak

Romelu Lukaku, the prolific Chelsea striker, is not just an exceptional footballer but also a linguistic marvel. His proficiency in languages is so vast that UEFA’s official document struggles to accommodate his linguistic repertoire.

The Universal Appeal of the Champions League

The Champions League possesses an innate worldwide appeal, attracting journalists and broadcasters from all corners of the globe. In preparation for interviews, media professionals receive a list of players and the languages they are fluent in. Remarkably, Lukaku’s linguistic prowess far surpasses that of his peers.

Lukaku: The King of Languages

Chelsea’s published list reveals a fascinating insight into the linguistic abilities of their players. While most English players in the squad only speak their native language, with a select few being fluent in three languages, Mateo Kovacic raises the bar with his ability to communicate in five different tongues. However, Lukaku’s linguistic prowess outshines them all.

The Unparalleled Linguistic Repertoire

Lukaku’s name stands out on the list, showcasing his extraordinary linguistic flexibility. The Belgian striker is proficient in French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, and Italian. Astonishingly, the UEFA form does not even include the Bantu language of Lingala, which Lukaku also speaks fluently due to his Congolese heritage.

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A Total of Nine Languages

In total, Lukaku has mastered an impressive nine languages. Back in 2018, he astounded Brazilian media by casually conducting an interview in Portuguese after Belgium defeated the Selecao in the World Cup quarter-final. Lukaku credited Jose Bosingwa for helping him learn Portuguese during his initial spell at Chelsea. He continues to refine his language skills to communicate effectively with teammates like Jorginho and Thiago Silva.

Linguistic Fluidity On and Off the Pitch

Lukaku’s ability to speak multiple languages has proven to be invaluable both on and off the pitch. In an interview with Bleacher Report, he explained the importance of expressing himself clearly to his teammates. It allows him to communicate specific instructions on how he wants the ball delivered, whether it be in front of, beside, or behind the defender. Lukaku understands that the subtleties in each language are unique, and grasping them is vital for effective communication.


Q: How many languages does Romelu Lukaku speak?
A: Romelu Lukaku is fluent in nine languages, including French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, and the Bantu language of Lingala.

Q: Has Lukaku always been multilingual?
A: Lukaku’s linguistic journey began during his time at Chelsea, where he learned Portuguese from Jose Bosingwa. Since then, he has continued to expand his linguistic repertoire.


Romelu Lukaku’s exceptional linguistic abilities set him apart as one of the most multilingual footballers in the world. With his command over nine languages, he effortlessly communicates with teammates, coaches, and the media. Lukaku’s linguistic prowess exemplifies his dedication to the sport and his desire to fully immerse himself in different cultures. For more football-related content, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

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Romelu Lukaku: The Multilingual Football Prodigy