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How to Capture Soccer Action with a GoPro

Video record soccer game with gopro

Do you want to capture the thrilling moments of a soccer game and relive them later? Look no further than the GoPro. This action camera has become the go-to choice for videographers who want to capture fast-action footage in stunning clarity.

Why Use a GoPro To Record a Soccer Game?

While many people opt for DSLRs or 360 cameras to record sports events, GoPros have a distinct advantage. Unlike DSLRs, GoPros are specifically designed for fast-action video footage. They prioritize video quality and can record up to 48 minutes of 4K footage or 1 hour of 1080p footage. With a compact and convenient size, GoPros are easy to use and provide a unique perspective with their fisheye lens.

Tips For Using a GoPro to Record a Soccer Game

If you’re new to using a GoPro to record soccer games, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before recording.
  • Remove the screen protector for a clearer view.
  • Format the microSD memory card (unless it came with the GoPro bundle).
  • Power on the GoPro by pressing the Power/Mode button.
  • Set your preferences on the GoPro app, including resolution, frame rate, and zoom.
  • Experiment with different angles and viewpoints for diverse footage.

GoPro Camera

Have a Plan

Before recording, visualize how you want your footage to look. Consider the highest point on the field that offers a clear view of the center. This elevated position will allow you to capture the action effectively.

Settings and GoPro Video Formats

GoPros support various video formats, including MP4 and HEVC/H.265. It is recommended to keep the settings at 1080p 4K resolution, 120fps frame rate, and “Wide” field of view. These settings ensure optimal video quality and compatibility.

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Does the Quality Matter?

To create a video that will be treasured for a lifetime, high-quality footage is essential. GoPros provide the capability to capture high-impact, fast-action video footage. Whether you’re analyzing a game or creating lasting memories, a GoPro will meet your expectations.

Make Good Use of the Tripod

Since soccer fields are often flat with no bleachers, a tripod is indispensable. Mounting your GoPro on a tripod will elevate the camera and allow for stable footage. There are specific tripod mounts available for GoPros, making it easy to set up and capture the action.

How Near Is Too Near?

Arriving early to the game ensures you can secure the best field position for recording. You don’t want players crashing into you or having hours of footage focused solely on the soccer ball. Plan ahead, find the best angles and distances, and be strategic in positioning yourself on the sidelines.

Photographers at a Soccer Game

Keep It Steady

Avoid excessive zooming, as it can make viewers feel dizzy. It’s best to maintain a steady hand and shoot from a vantage point that doesn’t require constant camera movement. However, feel free to experiment with different gadgets and viewpoints to add variety to your footage.

Practice Filming Runs

Before the game, practice capturing motion with your GoPro. Take your kids to the park or soccer field and film them in action. This will help you become familiar with the camera and improve your recording skills. You can also ask your child’s coach if you can record a practice session to gain more experience.

Make Your Subject Comfortable

If your child or the players on the field are not used to being filmed, they may initially become distracted by the camera. Practicing with them beforehand will help them acclimate and forget about the camera during the game. Review your footage after each practice run to identify any areas for improvement.

Slow-Motion Footage with a GoPro

To capture impressive slow-motion footage with your GoPro, follow these tips:

  • Use high resolutions and frame rates, like 4K60 or 2.7K120/240, for better slow-motion effects.
  • Enable slow motion in the camera settings.
  • Ensure the GoPro is securely attached for smooth footage.
  • Film in well-lit environments for optimal quality.
  • Frame your shots tightly around the main action.
  • Use a higher shutter speed to freeze motion.
  • Review and edit your footage to highlight the best moments.
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GoPro on a Pole

Capturing Audio

To capture clear audio while recording a soccer game with a GoPro, consider these tips:

  • Use an external microphone for better sound quality.
  • Opt for a microphone with wind protection.
  • Turn on audio recording in the GoPro settings, selecting a high-quality audio setting.
  • Mount the GoPro in a location with a good vantage point and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Record closer to the action for clearer audio pickup.
  • Wear weatherproof clothing to minimize outdoor noise.

Weather Conditions

Recording soccer games in different weather conditions requires some considerations:

  • Rain: Use a waterproof housing and mounts to prevent shakes. Use a wind-resistant microphone.
  • Snow: Mount the GoPro closer to the action for better clarity. Use a lens cover to prevent snow buildup.
  • Sunny/Bright: Avoid direct sunlight to avoid glare and overexposure. Consider using an ND filter.
  • Low Light: Use higher ISO settings to maintain shutter speed. Consider additional lighting.
  • Windy: Use wind-resistant microphones and secure mounts.
  • Extreme Cold: Keep spare batteries warm and consider using hand or chest mounts.

GoPro at a Soccer Stadium

Best Camera Angles

Choosing the right camera angles is crucial for capturing engaging and informative soccer footage. Here are some recommended camera angles:

  1. Elevated Wide-Angle Shots: Capture the entire field from a high point for a tactical overview.
  2. Sideline Views: Provide a closer view of the action along the longest side of the field.
  3. Behind-the-Goal Angles: Focus on penalty area action and goal-scoring opportunities.
  4. Player-Specific Angles: Highlight individual player performances.
  5. Corner Flag Angles: Capture close-up action in the corners and along the touchlines.
  6. Over-the-Shoulder Shots: Provide a player’s perspective, especially for goalkeepers or forwards.
  7. Dynamic Sideline Movements: Follow the flow of the game by moving along the sidelines.

Using multiple cameras and stabilizing them will enhance the viewing experience. Experiment with different angles to find the best approach for your footage.

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Recommended GoPro Models for Recording Soccer Games

  • GoPro Hero12 Black: Equipped with a 27-megapixel sensor and the ability to record up to 5.3K videos, the Hero12 is perfect for capturing high-quality footage.
  • GoPro Hero11 Black: With a 27-megapixel sensor and improved image stabilization, the Hero11 delivers stunning photos and videos.

These models offer advanced features, compact designs, and extended battery life, making them ideal for capturing action-packed moments on the soccer field.

GoPro11 Vs. GoPro12

Accessories for Soccer Recording

Enhance your soccer recording experience with these accessories:

  • Mounts: Chest or head mounts for POV footage, tripod mounts for stationary shots.
  • Batteries: Extra batteries or a power bank for continuous recording.
  • Memory Cards: High-capacity, high-speed cards to handle large video files.
  • Gimbal: A three-axis stabilization system to eliminate shakes and bumps.

These accessories will help you achieve stable and high-quality footage.

Uploading Clips

After recording, it’s time to upload and share your soccer game videos. Here are some tips:

  • Transfer your files to your computer using the GoPro Quik app or a memory card reader.
  • Upload to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.
  • Share clips with teammates and coaches through messaging apps or shared cloud folders.
  • Consider uploading to sports platforms like Hudl for coaching feedback and showcasing skills.

Proper sharing allows you to maximize the impact of your soccer videos.

Best Free and Paid Software for Editing Video Clips

Here are some recommended software options for editing video clips:


  • DaVinci Resolve
  • HitFilm Express
  • Lightworks
  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows only)
  • iMovie (Mac only)


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro (Mac only)
  • CyberLink PowerDirector
  • VSDC Free Video Editor
  • VideoStudio Pro

Choose the software that best suits your needs, whether you’re creating simple highlights or more complex projects.

So grab your GoPro, find the perfect angle, and start capturing the excitement of soccer games like a pro.

How to Capture Soccer Action with a GoPro