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The Global Appeal of Soccer: A Closer Look

Soccer, also known as football, is a sport that captivates audiences worldwide. With over 240 million registered players and billions of fans, soccer continues to grow with an ever-expanding audience. Let’s take a closer look at the international reach and impact of this beautiful game.

how many people play soccer in the world
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The International Governing Body: FIFA

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), founded in 1904, serves as the international governing body of soccer. Composed of 205 member associations, with over 300,000 clubs and 240 million players, FIFA holds a significant role in shaping and regulating the sport. The president of FIFA is elected every four years, representing the body and officiating at FIFA meetings.

FIFA’s continental soccer confederations, such as the Union des Associations Europeennes de Football (UEFA) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), govern the games of their member countries. These confederations organize competitions and tournaments, including the prestigious World Cup, both for men and women.

Global Confederations

FIFA is divided into six confederations, each responsible for governing their respective member countries:

  • Asian Football Confederation (AFC) – 45 member nations
  • Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF) – 52 member nations
  • Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) – 35 member nations
  • Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol (CONMEBOL)
  • Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) – 11 member nations
  • Union des Associations Europeennes de Football – 51 member nations
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These confederations provide a platform for clubs within their regions to compete and showcase their talent, ultimately aiming for a spot in the World Cup.

Soccer in North America: Major League Soccer

In North America, Major League Soccer (MLS) is the premier men’s professional soccer league. Founded in 1993 as part of the United States’ successful bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup, MLS has continued to gain popularity and profitability. With 27 teams (24 in the United States and 3 in Canada), MLS features a season of 34 games, culminating in the MLS Cup playoff. The league has seen increased visibility and revenue through TV contracts and the signing of star players like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

The Super League Fiasco

In April 2021, twelve elite clubs from England, Spain, and Italy announced the formation of a European Super League, intending to rival the existing UEFA-run Champions League. However, backlash from fans and governing bodies quickly forced most teams to withdraw their participation.

Revenue and Media Influence

FIFA generates revenue primarily through TV broadcast rights, advertisements, and the sale of licensing rights, particularly during the World Cup. The World Cup is one of the most widely viewed sporting events globally, attracting billions of viewers. The internet has also played a significant role in the sport’s popularity, with FIFA utilizing online platforms for marketing strategies and ticket sales.

Salaries and Player Management

Soccer players’ salaries vary widely across different regions and leagues. European players generally earn the highest salaries, with the distribution and management of player wages varying between clubs. For example, in the UK, player salaries can account for nearly 60% of club revenues. In contrast, the MLS operates as a single entity, with player contracts managed by the league rather than individual teams. Each MLS team has an annual salary budget, ensuring financial stability and fair competition within the league.

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How many registered soccer players are there worldwide?

There are over 240 million registered soccer players worldwide.

How many member associations does FIFA have?

FIFA has 205 member associations.

Which confederation has the most member nations?

The Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF) has 52 member nations.

What is the MLS Cup?

The MLS Cup is the championship game of Major League Soccer held at the end of each season.

What is the European Super League?

The European Super League was a proposed competition involving elite European clubs, aiming to rival the UEFA Champions League. However, the project faced significant backlash and was ultimately abandoned.


Soccer’s global appeal and influence are undeniable. With FIFA as the governing body, regional confederations, and leagues like MLS, the sport continues to captivate audiences worldwide. From the revenue generated through broadcast rights to the passion of players and fans, soccer remains a beloved game that unites people across borders.

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