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Maria Sol Messi: The Fashionable Sister of Lionel Messi

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Leo Messi has carved out an illustrious career in soccer, achieving success with F.C. Barcelona, the Argentina national team, and now PSG. However, professional soccer is not his only venture. Apart from his sporting endeavors, Messi has also ventured into other businesses, including a premium clothing store. Surprisingly, his younger sister, María Sol Messi, plays a crucial role in this venture. But who is María Sol Messi?

María Sol Messi was born on November 30, 1993, in Rosario, Argentina, making her the only female sibling among the Messis. She is the youngest of four children, which include her brothers Rodrigo, Matias, and Lionel Messi. María’s parents, Jorge Messi and Celia Maria Cuccittini, brought up their children in Rosario, Argentina.

Maria’s Influence in the Fashion Industry

María Sol is the brand manager for Lionel Messi’s fashion store, ‘The Messi Store.’ She works closely with Ginny Hilfiger, the creative director and younger sister of renowned designer Tommy Hilfiger. Together, they strive to uphold Leo’s image as a global soccer icon, creating cool and classic fashion styles that are both spontaneous and accessible to all. The collection, encompassing shirts, polo shirts, pants, and sweatshirts, is available exclusively on and at the Santa Eulalia store in Barcelona.

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Bikini Collection: María’s Solo Endeavor

In addition to her work with ‘The Messi Store,’ María Sol also launched her own bikini collection for the brand Bikinis Rio. Last December, she announced the arrival of a special capsule called “Brilla y Ama” through her Instagram account. The collection features unique and exclusive designs, celebrating the brand’s 10-year anniversary. María Sol embraces her role in the fashion world, collaborating with talented designers to bring these stunning bikinis to the market.

Love for Argentina

Although María Sol lived in Spain for a while, she eventually returned to her home country of Argentina. Despite being part of a famous family, she prefers to maintain a low profile, in contrast to her older brothers. While Rodrigo assists Messi with his daily schedule and Matias organizes charitable works, María Sol focuses on her fashion endeavors.

Social Media Presence

With a career in the fashion industry and her brother’s immense popularity, María Sol utilizes social media to connect with her followers. She has a significant following, with 350,000 followers on Instagram and more than 45,000 on Twitter. Through her posts, María Sol shares her love for fashion, family, and her bond with her brothers.

A Strong Bond with Family

María Sol Messi shares a close bond with her brothers. She maintains a strong relationship with Lionel, Rodrigo, and Matías. On social media, she often posts pictures alongside her sister-in-law, Antonela Roccuzzo, showcasing the close-knit nature of their family ties.

Q: How many siblings does Lionel Messi have?
A: Lionel Messi has three siblings – Rodrigo, Matias, and María Sol Messi, making her the only sister.

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Q: What is María Sol Messi’s role in the fashion industry?
A: María Sol serves as the brand manager for Lionel Messi’s fashion store, ‘The Messi Store,’ and launched her own bikini collection for Bikinis Rio.

Q: Where can I find ‘The Messi Store’ collection?
A: The exclusive collection is available at and at the Santa Eulalia store in Barcelona.

Q: How many followers does María Sol have on social media?
A: María Sol has 350,000 followers on Instagram and over 45,000 followers on Twitter.

Q: Does María Sol have a good relationship with her family?
A: Yes, María Sol Messi shares a strong bond with her brothers and maintains a good relationship with her sister-in-law, Antonela Roccuzzo.

María Sol Messi may be known as Lionel Messi’s sister, but she is more than just a sibling. With her role as the brand manager for ‘The Messi Store’ and her own bikini collection, María Sol has carved her own path in the fashion industry. While she maintains a low profile, her influence and close relationship with her family are evident through her social media presence. María Sol continues to showcase her fashion expertise and celebrate her love for her brothers and Argentina.