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Top 10 Best Penalty-Takers In The World

Some say it’s a coin flip, a lottery, but these 10 footballers have consistently shown their excellence in the art of penalty-taking. Taking the harshest punishment in football is a game in itself, and these players have mastered it.

To ensure validity, we’ve only included players who have scored more than 30 penalty goals in their careers, with 31 being the cut-off point. Penalty shootouts are not included in the count.

One surprising exclusion from the list is Kylian Mbappe, despite his two penalties in the World Cup final. Mbappe has only scored 27 penalties in his career. Another unexpected omission is the legendary Sergio Ramos, who scored an impressive 85.71% of his penalties.

Best Penalty Takers in the World by Percentage

It might be shocking to some that Lionel Messi is not among the top 10 penalty kickers in football. With a conversion rate of 77.85%, he has missed 31 out of the 140 penalties he has taken.

One controversial choice is the exclusion of Eden Hazard from the list. Despite scoring 49 penalties with a success ratio of 84.48%, his lack of penalty-taking opportunities in recent years affected his inclusion.

Notable mentions also go to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored 85 penalties with an 87.62% conversion rate, and Ciro Immobile, who boasts a 81.81% success ratio.

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10 Best Penalty Kick Takers in the World

We have compiled a list of the 10 best penalty kick takers, considering penalties scored for clubs and country throughout their careers.

10. Mohamed Salah – 82.05%

Mohamed Salah

Even though he missed two penalties in the 2022/2023 season, Mohamed Salah is still one of the best penalty takers in the world. The left-footed Liverpool and Egypt forward has scored 32 penalties out of 39 attempts in his career.

#######9. Karim Benzema – 82.97%
Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema has scored 39 penalties from 47 attempts, achieving a conversion rate of nearly 83%. Due to his absence from the French national team, Benzema only scored three penalties for Les Bleus.

#######8. Neymar – 83.14%

Neymar, known for his exceptional skills, has also been deadly from the penalty spot. He has scored 77 penalties out of 370 goals in his career. Neymar often draws fouls in the box, making him a designated penalty taker for Santos, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Brazil.

#######7. Cristiano Ronaldo – 83.97%
Cristiano Ronaldo

Scoring the most penalties among the top 10, Cristiano Ronaldo has netted 152 spot kicks out of 181 attempts in his career. The Portuguese star has been consistently lethal from the penalty spot since his first conversion in 2005.

#######6. Harry Kane – 84.93%
Harry Kane

Known for his clinical finishing, Harry Kane has also proven his accuracy from penalties. The Tottenham Hotspur and England striker has scored 62 penalties out of 73 attempts in his career.

#######5. Jorginho – 85.41%

Jorginho has made penalty-taking an artform with his signature hop. He has scored 41 penalties out of 48 attempts, with a conversion rate of 85.41%. Previously with Chelsea and now with Arsenal, Jorginho’s penalty-taking prowess continues to make him a threat.

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#######4. Romelu Lukaku – 87.5%
Romelu Lukaku

Despite not being known for composure in-game, Romelu Lukaku has an impressive penalty record. The left-footed forward has scored 35 penalties out of 40 attempts, with his last miss dating back to 2017 when he played for Manchester United.

#######3. Robert Lewandowski – 89.02%
Robert Lewandowski

Known for his calmness on the pitch, Robert Lewandowski has scored 73 penalties in his career. Representing Barcelona and Poland, he has converted 89.02% of his penalty attempts, missing only nine times.

#######2. Erling Haaland – 89.1%
Erling Haaland

At just 22 years old, Erling Haaland has already established himself as one of the top penalty takers in the world. The Norwegian striker has scored 34 penalties out of 37 attempts, with a conversion rate of 89.1%.

#######1. Bruno Fernandes – 90.5%
Bruno Fernandes

Topping the list is Bruno Fernandes, with an incredible conversion rate of 90.5%. Known as “Mister Penalty,” Fernandes has scored 48 penalties out of 53 attempts throughout his career, making him a reliable penalty taker for both Manchester United and Portugal.


Q: Is Cristiano Ronaldo the all-time leader in penalty goals?
A: While Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most penalties among the top 10 best penalty takers, the all-time record holder is Lionel Messi, who has scored over 100 penalties in his career.

Q: Who has the highest conversion rate among the top penalty takers?
A: Bruno Fernandes holds the highest conversion rate among the top penalty takers, with an impressive 90.5%.

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Q: Are penalties included in a player’s goalscoring record?
A: Yes, penalties are considered a part of a player’s goalscoring record. Goals scored from penalties contribute to a player’s overall goal tally.


Penalty taking requires precision, composure, and nerves of steel. These 10 players have consistently demonstrated their ability to convert penalties when faced with immense pressure. From the clinical finishing of Bruno Fernandes to the natural talent of Erling Haaland, each player brings their own unique style to the art of penalty-taking.

Whether it’s scoring crucial goals for their clubs or leading their national teams, these players have established themselves as the best penalty takers in the world. Their ability to deliver from the spot has played a crucial role in shaping their careers and helping their teams achieve success.

As football enthusiasts, we can appreciate the skill and technique that goes into being a top penalty taker. It’s a testament to the immense talent and dedication of these players. So, the next time you see them stepping up to take a penalty, remember that you’re witnessing the work of true masters in their craft.