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Sadio Mane’s Alleged Romance: What Happened to Melissa Reddy?

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With the recent news of Sadio Mane’s marriage to his “teen bride,” fans are left wondering about his alleged relationship with South African beauty Melissa Reddy. The footballer and the TV sports presenter were rumored to have been together since 2021. However, the revelation that Mane had been pursuing his 18-year-old bride for several years raises questions about the timeline of his relationship with Reddy.

Did Sadio Mane Cheat on Melissa Reddy?

According to the Irish Sun, Sadio Mane and Melissa Reddy, who worked for both SuperSport and SkySports, started dating in late 2022 after she interviewed him during his time at Liverpool. While the rumored couple never confirmed or denied the claims, social media posts show them together, leading some to believe that their romance was a well-kept secret.

However, MailOnline now claims that Mane has been dating Aisha since she was just 16, the same period he reportedly dated Melissa. This revelation has sparked social media commentary and speculation about Mane’s fidelity.

“Must’ve been knocking off Melissa Reddy. So, he didn’t just cheat on the field, then.” – @vaughanie10
“He’s been cheating on which one then?” – @maddockstanrien

Despite the public speculation, Sadio Mane has chosen to keep his love life private. In a 2020 interview, he stated that the woman he would marry would not be on social media.

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Taking a Break

On the other hand, Melissa Reddy has decided to take a well-deserved break in South Africa. In a recent Instagram post, she shared her appreciation for her country and the need for some downtime. She also mentioned switching gears to report on cricket instead of football, a shift from her previous focus.

Amidst the attention she has received online, Melissa has disabled comments on her posts. This break will allow her to recharge and refocus, away from the spotlight.


Q: Are Melissa Reddy and Sadio Mane still together?
A: The status of their relationship is currently unknown. Mane recently married Aisha Tamba, prompting speculation about the state of his alleged romance with Melissa Reddy.

Q: Is Melissa Reddy leaving football reporting for cricket?
A: Yes, Melissa Reddy has expressed her intention to shift her reporting focus from football to cricket.


Sadio Mane’s recent marriage has raised questions about his alleged relationship with Melissa Reddy. While the details remain uncertain, it is clear that both Mane and Reddy are taking time for themselves amidst the speculation and media attention. As football enthusiasts, we should respect their privacy and allow them to navigate their personal lives outside the football pitch.

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