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Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer

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Anna Murphy’s soccer journey began with the Colorado Storm when she was just four years old. Now, twelve years later, she is a key player on the Rapids 07G NPL team and has recently taken on a new role as a referee.

Inspired by her father, Anna started refereeing in August 2023 and has quickly excelled in her new role. She has officiated for CSA, MLS Next, and ECNL, and sees refereeing as a way to give back to the game that has given her so much. Her commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as she has been selected to represent Colorado at the 2024 Far West Presidents Cup referee delegation in Utah.

According to Deanna Duncan Allen, the Director of Game Assignment/Referee Registration at the Colorado Soccer Association, “Anna has made incredible strides as a referee since certifying less than a year ago. Her knowledge and passion for the game as a player are truly an advantage for her on the field as a referee.”

Esse Baharmast, the Director of Referees at the Colorado Soccer Association, also praises Anna’s abilities: “She is passionate about the game and relies on her playing experience to connect with players and coaches in conducting the games in a fair, fun, and safe manner.”

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Currently a junior at Lutheran High School, Anna has made a significant impact as an official and advocate for youth referees in Colorado. Her achievements have been recognized, as she has been awarded the CSA Female Young Referee of the Year. Anna’s success serves as an inspiration for other young referees.

Looking ahead, Anna plans to attend college to study science while continuing to play soccer and nurture her passion for refereeing. Her dedication to the game promises a future filled with academic success, athletic achievements, and continued contributions to soccer officiating. We eagerly anticipate Anna’s further development as a referee and are proud of her recent accomplishments!


Q: How long has Anna been playing soccer?

A: Anna began playing soccer at the age of four with the Colorado Storm.

Q: When did Anna start refereeing?

A: Anna started refereeing in August 2023.

Q: What achievements has Anna received as a referee?

A: Anna has been awarded the CSA Female Young Referee of the Year.


Anna Murphy’s passion for soccer shines through both on the field as a player and as a referee. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to giving back to the game make her an exceptional role model for young referees. We look forward to seeing Anna’s future achievements and contributions to the world of soccer officiating.

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