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Neymar’s Linguistic Journey: What Languages Does He Speak?

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Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, popularly known as Neymar, is undeniably one of the greatest players of his generation. With his exceptional skills and agility as an attacking forward, he has made a name for himself in the football world. Since his early days at Santos in Brazil, he has been hailed as a future legend. After successful stints at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, could a move to the Premier League be on the horizon? But the question remains: Does Neymar even speak English? Let’s delve into the languages Neymar speaks.

Neymar’s Early Exposure to Languages During Youth

Growing up in Mogi das Cruzes, Neymar’s linguistic journey started at a young age. Surrounded by a culturally diverse environment, he was immersed in Portuguese, exposed to snippets of Spanish, and introduced to bits of English through TV shows and music.

What Is Neymar’s First Language?

Neymar is fluent in Portuguese, his native language. It is the language he feels most comfortable with and uses it to express himself without any language barriers. Since Portuguese is widely spoken in Brazil, where Neymar lived and played until the age of 21, it is unsurprising that he reverts to his native language in interviews and personal life.

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Neymar also started learning Spanish before his move to Barcelona in 2013. By the time he joined the Spanish club, he was already conversant in Spanish, which facilitated his integration into the team. Additionally, Neymar has some understanding of the Catalan language, which he picked up during his time at Barcelona.

How Fluent Is Neymar In French?

Neymar’s fluency in French is limited. He understands enough French to comprehend what is being asked of him, but he seems reluctant to speak it, particularly in public. This reluctance may stem from his lack of interest in learning the language and the fact that his current manager at Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, also prefers to use Spanish or English during training sessions.

How Well Can Neymar Speak English?

Neymar began learning English alongside Spanish, possibly due to the presence of top English teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid as potential destinations for a player of his caliber. While Neymar understands English quite fluently, he is not as confident speaking it. However, with most of Paris Saint-Germain’s training conducted in English and his close friendship with Kylian Mbappe, who often communicates with him in English, Neymar’s English skills are likely to improve.

Could We See Neymar Playing in an English-Speaking Country?

Given Neymar’s immense talent and his relatively young age (he will be 30 years old in February 2022), it is entirely possible that he could have another major move in his career. Neymar has the language skills to seamlessly integrate into any English-speaking team, as English is widely spoken in the soccer world. Additionally, Neymar’s ability to communicate with agents, media, and sponsors in English would make his marketability even more appealing.

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Comparisons with Other Multilingual Soccer Stars

Neymar is not the only soccer player who has mastered multiple languages. Here are a few other examples:

  • Lionel Messi: Native in Spanish, Messi is also fluent in Catalan and has displayed his proficiency in English throughout his career.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo is renowned for his linguistic abilities. Besides his native Portuguese, he is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović: Ibrahimović’s football journey across Europe has made him multilingual. He speaks Swedish, Bosnian, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and French.
  • Romelu Lukaku: Lukaku, a Belgian striker, is fluent in Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and has a basic understanding of German.

Whether Neymar will add more languages to his repertoire in the future remains to be seen. However, his current linguistic abilities make him a truly global player.


Q: What are Neymar’s native languages?
A: Neymar’s native language is Portuguese, spoken in Brazil.

Q: Does Neymar speak French?
A: Although Neymar understands French, he rarely speaks it and prefers to use Portuguese or Spanish.

Q: Is Neymar fluent in English?
A: While Neymar understands English well, his spoken fluency is not as strong. However, his English skills are likely to improve with time and practice.


Neymar’s linguistic journey has taken him from his native Portuguese to learning Spanish and having a basic understanding of Catalan. While he is not fluent in French, he understands enough to comprehend conversations. Neymar also has a good grasp of English, although he is more comfortable understanding it than speaking it. As Neymar continues to make his mark on the football world, his language skills add to his versatility and global appeal.

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